Weekly Recap: Week Ending 27 January, 2011

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While working out with Quinn, Brady lets out his frustration at his and John’s inability to get funding to rebuild Basic Black.  Quinn sympathizes.  It can be difficult to change people’s opinions.  Brady tells Quinn his and John’s situations are different, though Brady concedes Quinn did help make Chloe’s opening night in Chicago a success by promoting it, and helping in getting Carly clean.  Quinn tells Brady he’s in therapy with Marlena and is working hard to be a better person.  Brady gives Quinn a second chance.

 Abigail interviews with Madison who hires Abigail regardless of her heavy schedule. She has a role in mind for her other than intern, Madison tells Gabi.  Quinn runs into Abby after her meeting with Madison.  She’s excited to spread the news about her internship, but her phone has died.  Quinn offers her the use of the phone at Intensity which she accepts once she knows Melanie isn’t working.  Quinn lends Abby an ear.
Chad and Gabi model for Countess Wilhelmina
Chad learns from Gabi that Kate wants to use them to be the new faces of Countess Wilhelmina.  Gabi is delighted but Chad has zero interest in being a model and tells Kate so, especially since Chad believes it’s just a way for Kate to get him to spend time with Stefano.  Kate is disappointed because the camera loves the chemistry between them.  Its either both of them or neither of them, Kate tells Gab and Chad.
Gabi is disappointed but doesn’t want to guilt Chad into taking on the modeling gig just for her.  Chad however, hasn’t seen Gabi this excited about anything since she broke up with Will and reconsiders for her sake.  Chad and Gabi’s photo shoot is a resounding success much to Sami (and Madison’s) disappointment, and Kate’s delight.
Daniel leaves Salem
Daniel has a tearful farewell with his family, Victor, Maggie and Melanie at the Kiriakis mansion.  Daniel returns the watch his father gave to Victor when he became Daniel’s godfather. (Victor returned it to Daniel until he’d earned it).    Victor almost admits to knowing about his mother, but then stops and Daniel farewells Maggie who gives him a compass that belonged to her father – to guide him home.  There are predictably tears from Melanie.  Jennifer arrives and when she realizes Daniel is leaving today kisses him and tells him to hurry home…
Will is uncomfortable when confronted by his sexuality
When Will meets with Sonny and the obviously gay team doing the PR for the coffee shop, Will finds himself drawn into a world he isn’t quite ready to embrace yet.  Will mistakenly believes that Sonny is trying to set him up with one of the lads – Des – when in reality it is Sonny who is interested in him.  Then when they all share their “coming out” stories the pair, believing Will too is gay, ask Will about his.  Sonny covers for Will redirecting the conversation and later apologizes if Will felt put on the spot.
Later Will pulls back from his friendship with Sonny, claiming to be too busy to help out with the coffee shop project.  Marlena witnesses the interaction (they are having lunch when Sonny stops by) and tries to encourage Will to spend time with friends he enjoys.  Will isn’t ready to embrace his sexuality and pulls back from the conversation…
Nicole tells Will she knows he stole the jobs initiative form Abe’s computer and bribes him into keeping her abreast of “everything” going on in the campaign.  Will later tells EJ that his meeting with Nicole went just as he expected and show’s EJ the note Nicole gave him detailing the funds she transferred to his bank account.
Brady learns Madison has been lying to him
Meanwhile Madison has caught up with Brady in the town square.  Brady asks about the CEO position at Titan, and Madison says she has a lot going on at Mad World right now.  Madison fills Brady in on planting Sami at Countess Wilhelmina as a spy, and Brady goes ballistic.  She’s placed Sami at risk.  Brady fills Madison in on some of the horrible things Kate has done to Sami including framing her for murder. 
Madison admits that her rivalry with Kate is personal and that they have a past  – one she doubts Kate even remembers.  She will do anything to beat Kate but concedes she should have told Brady from the outset.  Brady makes her promise no more secrets.  
Madison turns down Victor’s job
Madison meets with Victor and turns down Victor’s job offer of CEO of Titan.  Madison almost admits she was advised to turn down the position, but covers.  Victor however thinks there is something going on with Madison.  Maggie thinks she’s in love and just wants to spend more time with Brady, not running a conglomerate.
Victor’s instinct is correct as Madison calls her advisor and fills him in on turning down the job offer.  Something Madison doesn’t seem too happy about. Brady meanwhile starts working with John to rebuild Basic Black and it becomes clear very quickly that the two of them have very different approached.  Brady wants to go with an edgy “the new black” social media campaign, while John wants to go with a traditional “Black is Back” print media campaign. For a while they argue and Brady wonders if they can even work together, before stepping back, having a laugh and coming up with a compromise that uses all their ideas.
Abby and Melanie model for Mad World and Quinn jumps ship
Seeing Quinn and Abby together, Madison tells Brady she plans to have Abby model for her, and that she also has plans for Mr. Quinn Hudson.  Later Madison offers Quinn support with a national chain of spas, if he dumps Countess Wilhelmina products and stocks Mad World products instead.  Quinn is hesitant to double cross Kate but accepts the offer anyway.
Madison tells Abby and Melanie she would like to use them as models in an upcoming Mad World campaign about real life women and their friendships, and they will be shooting out of the spa.  The only problem is the two of them are on the outs. Melanie and Abby sit down and discuss their situation but find themselves in the same place every time.
While Abby fantasizes about Austin professing his love to her and kissing her, she is disappointed to learn that Austin still sees her as little Abby, Jack and Jennifer’s daughter when he asks if she has her mother’s permission to model for Mad World.  Austin apologizes; of course he knows she’s a grown woman now!
Tension between Carrie and Austin, and Rafe and Sami
Sami fills Rafe in on her assignment at Countess Wilhelmina as a corporate spy!  Rafe is not pleased that she has been lying to him.  Rafe tells Sami that her actions are like something EJ would do.  The two argue and Rafe heads off to work, the argument not resolved.  He implies that right now work comes first (and therefore Carrie) and the mood between Sami and Rafe becomes even more frosty.
Carrie and Austin compare busy schedules and try to come up with some time to spend together.  Austin becomes frustrated.  His academic schedule at the university is set, but given Carrie is just starting her business couldn’t she be more flexible.  The tension between them is obvious but they finally manage to carve out some time to spend together when Austin’s faculty meeting is suddenly cancelled.  Austin runs into Abigail in the town square and they genuinely enjoy each other’s company…
Rafe and Carrie celebrate with a hug when they get news that the DA dropped the arson charges against the boy from Rafe’s old neighborhood due to new evidence submitted by Carrie
At work, Carrie finds Austin preparing for Sydney’s princess birthday party.  Sami was called away to Chicago on a business meeting at the last minute and Rafe is doing a lousy job of making tiaras. Carrie steps in to help.  The bond as they share childhood birthday memories.  Rafe gets a call from the act hired to perform as Princess Miranda and Prince Casper at the party – they have to cancel.
Later, at the pub, Kayla laughs as Carrie and Austin enter in full costume.  Kayla tells the unsuspecting duo about the ballroom dance that Prince Casper and Princess Miranda.  Kayla helps them rehearse, but is called away when Joey becomes ill.  Carrie and Rafe are drawn into the romantic moment and almost kiss! 
The line between the good guys and bad guys blurs in the Mayoral race
The mayoral debate continues with Lexie deriding EJ and the tactics he uses.  He’ll never be the man Abe is she tells her little brother.  Meanwhile Jennifer learns from a journalist colleague that EJ has arranged to get the questions in advance of the debate.  Jennifer tentatively tells Abe that her colleague can do the same for them.  Abe agrees, disgusted that he has stooped to EJ’s levels, but he has to keep EJ out of the mayor’s office for the sake of Salem.  He is also adamant that Lexie must never know what they are about to do.
Abe tells Jennifer he wants to take it one step further though.  He wants to feed the incorrect questions to EJ and Nicole so that Abe will have the upper hand at the debate.  Jennifer has bad news however, her colleague will feed them the questions, but now feed EJ the wrong questions – he doesn’t want to cross a DiMera, so they need to find a way to switch the questions themselves.
Lexie arrives and presents Abe and Jennifer with the opportunity.  EJ is throwing Sydney and Impromptu birthday party at the mansion and EJ would like them to attend with Theo.  Lexie is reluctant to go, but Jennifer and Abe convince her to go – for the kids’ sake.
Will brings Sydney to the DiMera mansion as ordered to do so by EJ for her party – without Sami knowing.  Will delights in seeing his mother’s reaction once she finds out.  As Sydney’s party unfolds, Nicole takes delivery of the debate questions stashing them in a drawer in the foyer.  Jennifer, who was watching, fills Abe in.  Abe heads into the foyer to make the switch and is caught by EJ…
Bo and Hope meet with Stefano to open the safe deposit box, but Stefano plays on Hope’s emotions and warms her to make sure she really wants to open Pandora’s secret box.  The secrets it contains could change many lives and Alice went to great pains to keep the box hidden…
After meeting with Doug and Julie, Hope decides she needs to see the box.  Doug and Julie head to Africa to investigate the bank statements after Doug notices that all the transaction went through an African bank.
Bo and Hope meet with Stefano.  Hope tells Stefano that what is in the safe deposit box must affect him somehow.  And whatever is in that box, he wants kept secret as much as Alice did. Stefano tries to convince Hope he has nothing to hide – after all, he was ready to open the box for her.  Hope thinks he was using reverse psychology.
Hope tells Stefano it’s time to open the box.  There are two secrets in that box that can destroy many lives Stefano tells Hope who is surprised there are two secrets contained in the safe deposit box. 
Stefano came across some information about the Horton family and he knew Alice wouldn’t want it to become public.  Alice told him that she had something on him too.  They were at a stalemate until Alice suggested they both put the secrets (unread) into the safe deposit box as a compromise.
Stefano still doesn’t know what she had on him, and he’d assumed when Alice died it would be the end of it.  But because of them they now have a very dangerous dilemma for them all.  Stefano tells them he wasn’t bluffing when he said what he knew shouldn’t be made public, but he tells Bo and Hope the choice is ultimately theirs…
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