Weekly Recap: Week Ending 30 December, 2011

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Their Horton Square vow renewal behind then, Sami and Rafe return to the loft that he has done his best to make look like a fancy hotel suite.  He wanted to get them a hotel room, but it was so expensive, this being Christmas Eve and all. 

Rafe asks if Sami was in a hurry to renew their vows because of EJ.  Sami covers but her guilt shows.  Rafe assures her it wasn’t her fault that EJ tricked her into betraying their vows when she slept with Fake Rafe.  Sami uncomfortable with the line the conversation is taking is glad when the mood changes and they consummate their vow renewal.

Christmas in Salem

With Bo unable to repair Ciara’s Christmas present – a bike he accidently broke – Hope charmed a local retailer into opening his store so they could purchase a new one.  In the deserted Town Square, Bo and Hope are clowning around with the new bike and Bo falls and breaks the plaque commemorating Tom and Alice Horton.  Hope is understandably upset.  Until Bo finds a key sticking out from the break.  Hope then believes it’s a sign.

Bo arranges to meet the man who made the plaque commemorating Tom and Alice Horton (that he broke).  He tells Bo and Hope that Alice’s lawyer, Erin Hewitt arranged for the key to be placed in the plaque under instruction from Alice.  Arrangements are also in place for a replacement plaque…

Madison and Brady exchange sentimental Christmas present relating to their mothers.  She gives Brady the closest star she could get near Isabella’s, and Brady found a photo of Madison and her mother during happy times before her father walked out. Madison cries as she explains that she thought all the photos of her mom lost.  She had tried to find exactly what Brady has found but failed.   They are both touched by the thoughtfulness of the gifts.  Madison also has tickets to an exclusive Swiss Ski resort which impresses Brady. 

Marlena and John enjoy a quiet night at home celebrating the reversal of his conviction, until Will drops by.   Marlena tries to get him to open up, but the conversation is steered towards John repaying his investors even though he didn’t steal the money, by a phone call from Charlie, his financial advisor telling John his assets won’t be frozen for long.  Will opens up a little to his grandmother but still can’t tell her why he is so angry with his mother.  Marlena offers Will a room at the penthouse, and not just for the night.  He can move in if he wants to.

Brady and Madison arrive at the penthouse after hearing that John was freed.  John and his son discuss his relationship with Madison.  When he learns Madison bought his a star, like he bought for Isabella, he regrets not realizing the “space” think Brady went through as a child wasn’t just a childhood phase, but related to his mother.  The group take leftover food (Maggie has catered Christmas for half of Salem it appears) to a women’s shelter.  Before they leave, Madison takes a call.  She thanks the caller for their gift, tells them she can’t get away and wishes them a merry Christmas.

 John’s a free man – then learns how it happened
With Abe’s help, John holds a press conference at the Brady Pub announcing his exoneration and intention to personally repay his investors.  EJ is furious when he learns John has been freed.  Stefano tells his son, he can still become Mayor.  Stefano does not tell him that he was behind John’s reversal of fortune. EJ arrives at the Pub in time to take the podium after John’s announcement – he’s big enough a man to admit when he’s wrong, EJ grandstands for the cameras.
John thanks Carrie and Rafe for clearing him.  They thing they should try to pin the crime on whoever did it, but John wants to get on with his life.  Besides the mastermind is likely Stefano and John doubts they can prove it.  Marlena then takes the opportunity to tell John that the reason he is free is because Stefano owed Alice Horton a favor.  Predictably John goes off – to see Stefano.
Stefano enjoys provoking a furious John.  He hands John a gun and challenges him to shoot him.  Stefano talks of the bond he shares with Marlena and it nearly pushes John over the edge.  John however won’t play Stefano’s game.  He won’t let Stefano plant seeds of doubt in his mind where his relationship with Marlena is concerned.  John goes home and admits to his wife that if the situation had been reversed he would have done exactly the same thing.
Daniel’s Lab results are in…

When Melanie realizes Daniel is on the surgical roster she tracks him down to the spa where he’s taking a kickboxing class.  He doesn’t have myasthenia gravis he explains to his daughter, but there is a problem with his hands.  Melanie offers him unconditional support and leaves to see Maggie who apologizes for not telling Melanie.  Daniel confides in Brady and Quinn convinces his he could start over if he had to.  Daniel then receives work that his lab results are in…

Melanie and Maggie’s conversation turns to her feelings for Chad.  Melanie tells her grandmother nothing can come of it because she believes he still loves Abigail.  Melanie later confides in her dad that she can never act on her feelings for Chad because he’s her best friend’s boyfriend.

Jack wants to take the family away on vacation and Jack and Jennifer share a kiss.

Carrie, Rafe and Sami have new jobs…

Carrie and Rafe discuss going into business together – the PI business.  Rafe tells Carrie he’d love to but needs to discuss it with Sami first.  Meanwhile Sami accepts Kate’s job offer(she clearly has a plan in place) and resigns from Mad World without consulting Rafe.  Rafe isn’t happy that Sami quit her job and took another one without talking to him first.  He too has a job offer, he tells his wife.  Sami isn’t exactly thrilled when she learns the job is with Carrie.  Will, who witnesses the exchange, believes his mother is being selfish. 

The gloss is taken off a morning of playing video game in bed when Brady and Madison learn of Sami’s defection. Meanwhile Daniel finds an unusual confidante in Kate, since they hate each other’s guts.  But they do connect on a level other than pure hatred, reminiscent of Daniel’s early days in Salem.

Happy New Year

New Years in Salem sees Austin, Carrie, Rafe and Sami seemingly getting on better with each others partners.  But the evening ends with Rafe and Sami making love and Austin and Carrie leaving to see the New Year in at the Town Square.

Will watches Sonny and his friend Tyler with interest.  They are out and completely at ease with their sexuality making Will upset enough to leave.  EJ watches with interest…then brings in the New Year with Nicole and a kiss.

Abigail and Chad finally admit that their relationship isn’t working and agree to end it.  The wish each other well.  Abigail sees Austin celebrating with Carrie, his wife, and is heartbroken, while the stroke of midnight finds barely single Chad in a lip lock with Abigail’s best friend, Melanie.

John and Marlena celebrate New Year’s at home. They have just learned that they are flat broke.  Will turns up finally ready to talk.  But the secret he confesses isn’t the one Marlena was expecting.  He tells Marlena that Sami slept with EJ!

Madison and Brady have dinner at the office.  She receives another mysterious phone call, and lies to Brady about the caller. They bring in the New Year at the Brady Pub, dancing.

Bo, Hope, Doug and Julie also discuss Alice’s mysterious bank account and how funds are routed around the world – including Africa.  Doug realizes that he, Bill and Mike were all in Africa at the time the account was opened.

New Years is a difficult time for Bo and Hope, being the anniversary of Zack’s death.  Bo and Hope agree to go into counseling to resolve long buried feelings surrounding his death. 
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