Weekly Recap: Week Ending January 6, 2011

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Sami’s new job…
Madison tells Brady, Sami’s resignation means she has to push back the men’s line launch.  Brady tells her she can’t do that because its tied in with cross promotions in other Titan divisions.  They argue.  Madison wants to focus on her top secret new line, but Brady pulls rank.

Annoyed, Madison accuses him of being tougher on her than his other execs because they are dating.  Brady counters by asking if she’s talk to a boss she wasn’t sleeping with like that?  The reboot the conversation and hammer out a compromise.  They then discuss that Sami would not be stupid enough to break her confidentiality agreement with Mad World.

Meanwhile, Sami reports to her first day at work at Countess Wilhelmina.  Kate’s first order of business is to have Sami spill on Madison’s plans.  Sami suddenly feels stupid for thinking Kate actually wanted to hire her for her brain.  Kate assures Sami that she does think she’s a smart exec, but her biggest asset right now is what she knows about Mad World.  Kate reminds Sami that jobs are scarce and Sami caves.  Madison is working on a new line for the lucrative 18-34 year old market, but that the launch is being delayed.  Kate sends Sami home to get Mad World documents from her laptop.

Will tells Marlena about Sami and EJ having sex…

Will fills Marlena in on what he saw when he want to tell EJ that Johnny was ok – his mother and EJ having sex.  Will is angry with his mother.  He thinks Rafe should know, but he knows telling Rafe the truth will destroy their family.  He doesn’t want to destroy the family life that Johnny, Sydney and Alli have because he didn’t have that growing up – Sami was too busy lying about who his father was and flitting from man to man.

Marlena is shocked and tries to tell will she doubts there was any lust involved and that EJ and Sami’s behavior was likely the result of the enormous amount of pain hearing of Johnny’s death caused. Marlena understands what he’s going through because Sami went through it too, when Marlena cheated on Sami’s father with John and Sami witnessed.  Marlena thinks Sami is still scared by that event, and advises Will to talk to Sami about what he knows.  Only then can they work out their relationship.

Will is dubious, but tries anyway when he finds Sami at home.  But Sami is in a hurry to get back to work with her laptop and doesn’t realize how important it is to Will to talk to her.

The race for Mayor continues

The two Mayoral campaign teams meet to hammer out a deal for a series of debates. Nicole wants the questions scripted and approved in advance, but Team carver thinks the voters should be allowed to ask questions on the spot.  The women argue.  Abe and EJ take calls and make a quiet agreement on the side and go to tell the women how it’s going to be.  The women laugh when EJ and Abe tell them the arrangement.  They came to a similar agreement – they just went about it differently.

Nicole tells EJ she will steal the secret questions from the moderator so there are no surprises.  Meanwhile, Jennifer knows what Nicole will do based on her aversion to the event being unscripted and has a plan to counter…

Sonny advises Will to leave town…

Will goes to see Sonny to return some flash drives.  Sonny asks Will what’s up with him.  He can tell him anything, Sonny tells his friend.  Will asks if he’s ever wanted to just runaway.  Sonny tells him sure, but that you can never run away from yourself.  They discuss Sonny’s plan to take over the Cheatin Heart from Justin and Adrienne and turn it into a hip young coffee shop with wi-fi and games and friendly to everyone – gay, straight, whatever.  Will tells him he’s in, but when the conversation turns to school, Will says he’s not going back.  Sonny changes his advice to Will about getting out of town.  If he’s that conflicted maybe he needs to get away to find himself.

Bo and Hope have therapy

Marlena has a therapy session with Bo and Hope.  They discuss  Zack’s death.  Hope tells Bo he broke the trust in their relationship when he gave Chelsea the car keys when she was grounded, and she ran over their little boy.  Not only that he lied to her.  Bo is in tears as he admits he is responsible for their son’s death and hates himself every day for it.  They then discuss how much it hurt that Bo wouldn’t let Hope pay Ciara’s ransom when she was kidnapped.  Then when she took Ciara way to the mountains to recover, Maggie called her and told her there was another woman living in her house.  Hope was hurt that Bo didn’t wait for her, and simply replaced her with Carly. 

Carrie and Rafe get their first client…

Carrie bosses Rafe and Austin around as they move into their new office.  When Austin teases Carrie about the queue of clients, Carrie takes it a little too personally.  Austin apologizes as Rafe walks in with Tillie, their first client.  Austin heads out to get their office supplies and Rafe and Carrie interview Tillie about the missing love of her life – Charlie Aaron – who turns out to be a cat!  Tillie gives them a $5 retainer and warns them not to bill her for chit chat.

Rafe and Carrie find Charlie under a delivery dock but return to the office sans cat, though Rafe has a nice set of scratches for his efforts.  Carrie starts to worry about their business if they can’t even find a cat when she receives a call from Tilley, thanking them for leaving Charlie on her porch.

Abigail learns about Chad and Melanie

At the town square Abigail catches Chad caressing Melanie’s cheek and loses it accusing them of betraying her since Halloween when Chad supposedly accidently kissed Melanie.  Chad and Melanie deny it, but Abigail leaves in tears and runs into Austin at the Brady Pub.

Austin comforts Abby and upon learning about her break-up with Chad advises her to pursue the man she loves, still not realizing that its him!  Meanwhile Melanie is upset about Abigail’s accusation that her best friend betrayed her.  Chad tries to convince her that they being together is right, but Melanie tells Chad they can’t be together, because she won’t have changed as much as she thinks if they are.  Melanie says they need to start again as friends and introduces herself as Melanie Jonas.

Brady offers to work with John

Brady goes to see his dad.  John tells him about his plans to rebuild Basic Black from the ground up, and Brady makes an enticing offer.  He’ll leave Titan to be John’s partner in the rebuild effort.  John is delighted with Brady’s offer, but isn’t sure this isn’t just an emotional decision.  Brady has built quite an empire at Titan and he can’t let him just walk away from that.  This is what he wants to do, Brady tells his dad.  John tells him to go speak to Madison about it.  If he still wants to partner with him after that conversation, he’ll gladly accept him as his partner.

Jack and Jennifer’s Hawaiian holiday

Jack shows Jennifer the itinerary for their family vacation to Hawaii.  Jennifer is thankful not only for all the planning he has put into the trip but for the separate bedrooms.  They discuss their relationship and jack admits he was hoping that Jennifer would tell him separate bedrooms weren’t necessary.  Jack is frustrated.  He knows what he wants but even with Daniel out of the picture, he doesn’t know how Jennifer feels about Daniel.  Jennifer tells him she can’t give him any more at the moment.

Jack leaves to interview John for a series of articles.  John tells both Brady and Jack not to take the women who stand beside them for granted.  Too late, Jack laments.

Meanwhile, Maggie accompanies Daniel to his appointment with Lexie to review his lab results.  Lexie regretfully tells Daniel that his conditions is incurable and likely the result of a tiny stroke he suffered and wasn’t even aware of.   Daniel is devastated, being a surgeon isn’t just what he does, its who he is.  Lexie and Maggie try to comfort him, but Daniel storms out.

In the town square, Daniel literally runs into Jennifer who can tell something is wrong.  He tells her about his diagnosis.  When Jennifer hugs him Jack enters the square seeing the close moment between the two.

Quinn likes Melanie, Gabi likes Chad, but Chad and Melanie like each other…

At the spa, Quinn starts the first self defense training class with Gabi and Melanie.  Melanie keeps quiet when Gabi wonders whey Abigail is a no show. Chad however does turn up while Melanie is training with Quinn.  Melanie accidently lands a kick on Chad’s head (how she reached is beyond me) knocking Chad out cold.

Chad recovers and the when Gabi asks Chad out to lunch he suggests they whole group go.  At lunch Quinn tells Chad he doesn’t know how Melanie is single.  Meanwhile, Melanie and Gabi get drinks and Gabi learns that Abby and Chad broke up.  Gabi asks Melanie if she thinks Abby would mind if she asked Chad out again.  Clearly, Melanie and Chad will have competition for each other’s affections!

Brady and Madison have dinner at the Pub and he tells her about quitting Titan to work with his father rebuilding Basic Black. Madison is initially put out.  First Sami leaves her and now Brady.  She doesn’t know why he’s talking to her about it because it sounds like he’s already made up his mind.  Madison calms down however when Brady explains that he sees partnering with his father not just a once in a lifetime opportunity to build something from the ground up but to rebuild his relationship with his father.

Madison softens and when they return to her hotel room admits that if she could have shared building Mad World with her mother she would have loved it.  She tells him he should do it and that on the positive side all the working together dilemmas now disappear from their relationship.

Will loses it and pulls a Sami like stunt

The pressure of keeping EJ and Sami’s indiscretion secret and trying to work out who he is brings Will to boiling point.  Watching Rafe selflessly pick up the domestic duties at home while Sami works late at her new job just exacerbates Will’s anger at his mother and her selfishness.  But when Sami comes home and gushes about all Rafe does for her, and tries to engage Will in some family game night fun, Will leaves.

Rafe is concerned about Will’s anger towards his mother but believes he just needs time to get over the break-up with Gabi.  Sami puts aside thinking about work, and Will’s issues and she and Rafe have a romantic evening along at home.

Will goes to see Marlena.  Though Marlena tries to encourage Will to open up, the upset young man leaves finding no comfort, and talking about needing a fresh start somewhere else.  In the town square Will lets out his anger and frustration kicking furniture.  When he sees one of EJ’s campaign posters he clearly gets an idea.

Stefano is guilty…

EJ’s down 20 points in the polls since John’s exoneration and is frustrated by the turn of events. He doesn’t understand how John was freed, he tells Stefano.  He was in jail after pleading guilty and now he’s a hero.  Stephano encourages his son not to give up, but stops short of telling EJ that it is because of him that John was acquitted of the embezzlement charges against him.  Kate interrupts their conversation when she comes home, and she and Stefano head out to dinner, but not before she drops the news that Sami is now working for her.

Outside the Brady Pub Kate asks Stefano what’s troubling him – he seems distracted. Stefano admits to having a secret from EJ – one he would never forgive him for – but John and Marlena arrive before he can tell her anymore.  Stefano and Kate offer to buy the broke couple dinner but John tells Stefano he’s done enough.  Kate asks Stefano what John meant by that, but he covers saying that John is still convinced he is responsible for the missing pension funds.

Inside the Brady Pub, John gets a call from Brady.  He wants to meet…

At the DiMera mansion EJ answers the door to a livid Will. Will tells EJ he wants to leave town and he’s going to give him the money to do it.  When EJ asks why he would do that, Will tells him because he knows his secret…

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