Will’s Secret Comes Out!

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But not the one Marlena was expecting.  Last week, on New Years Eve, a conflicted and angry Will told Marlena that he witnessed EJ and Sami having sex. 

This week, Marlena learns the details surrounding Sami’s indiscretion with EJ.  She tries to help Will see that it wasn’t lust that drove EJ and Sami into each other’s arms but the unbearable pain of learning their son was dead.  Marlena doubts there was any lust involved, or that it happened more than once.
But Will cannot forgive his mother.  He feels like he has to tell Rafe – he deserves to know, but know that telling Rafe would spell the end of the family life he wants for his younger siblings, Johnny, Ally and Sydney.  A family life he never had as a child because Sami was too busy lying about who his father was and flitting from man to man.

Marlena tries to explain to Will that his mother knows exactly how he feels because it happened to her.  Marlena suspects that Sami witnessing her cheating on Sami’s father with John so profoundly scared Sami that it still affects her to this day. 

Will however doubts he can ever forgive his mother, but tries to talk to her anyway, only for Sami to be unaware of the importance of the conversation as she rushes to get back to work (her first day at Countess Wilhelmina).

Meanwhile, the secret Marlena expected Will to oust remains buried.  That Will is gay.

Tomorrow, Sonny Kiriakis tells Will that he can tell him anything while they discuss turning Justin and Adrienne’s bar – The Cheatin Heart – into a gay friendly coffee shop.  Sonny also suggests that perhaps Will should leave Salem for a while to “find himself”.

Will heeds Sonny’s advice by like his mother makes a questionable decision when he realizes he needs money to leave town.  Will tries to blackmail EJ.  Unless EJ gives Will money, he will spill the beans about him and Sami having sex. 

During the week on January 9, EJ easily outmaneuvers the teen and tells Will that he will out his as gay!  Later in the week, Will meets a friend of Sonny’s, named Mateo (Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guest-stars), who makes him sweat.

Looks like Will’s other secret is slowly becoming common knowledge without Will ever having to say anything.  And in case anyone is still in doubt come February sweeps, rumors have Will kissing a boy in a drinking game in the Horton Town Square.  Sonny witnesses the smooch, which means Sonny will not be Will’s first male lip lock!

See photos of Will’s first gay kiss!


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