Alice and Stefano’s Safe Deposit Box Secret – John and Hope are married?

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Hope finally makes a decision regarding the secrets held in the safe deposit box held by Alice Horton and Stefano DiMera.  After weeks of Stefano’s warnings about the secret he placed in the safe deposit box changing many lives, and letting sleeping dogs lie, Hope finally rips into the envelope containing the secret Stefano placed in the safe deposit box. 

John and Hope – Married?
The contents?  A marriage certificate for her and John dating back to the days when Stefano had brainwashed Hope into believing she was Princess Gina, European royalty and art thief.

The news rocks two solid Salem marriages: 

Bo and Hope, whose marriage is stronger than it’s been in years, and are working to make it stronger through marriage counseling with Marlena, now find their marriage invalid. 
Marlena and John, too thought they had the rocky months behind them since John was exonerated of embezzlement charges.  Now they find themselves in the same predicament as Bo and Hope.
The news is obviously shocking to both couples, but they eventually come to their senses realizing that life hasn’t really changed – they just need to deal with the marriage between John and Hope.  Carrie however is the bearer of bad news on that front.  Gina and John consummated their marriage so an annulment is legally out of the question.  To further complicate matters the marriage occurred in Alamainia (Lawrence Alamain’s home country) where the laws surrounding divorce require a two week stay for the couple in question.
So, we have John and Hope jetting off to Alamainia for two weeks where no doubt further surprises await, such as the rumored love child.  There simply has to be more to this storyline, otherwise why would Alice go to such great lengths to hide the fact that Princess Gina (Hope – whose name is it on the marriage certificate?) was once married to John.  That little fact could/should have been dealt with years ago with the requisite paperwork/trip to Alamainia, and doesn’t justify the posthumous secret keeping.  Not to mention we STILL don’t know what all those bank account transaction (via Africa) are about.
John and Hope – A secret love-child?
Logic and reason dictate there must be more to this revelation. A secret love-child would have more ongoing consequences, but again, secret children have come out of hiding before in the Brady/Horton clan (just think Chelsea) without their existence requiring safe deposit boxes and cloak and dagger deals with the Phoenix.
Speculation is that the secret Gina (Hope) and John love child is EJ, making him a part of the Brady/Black/Horton clan, something that’s a little difficult to stomach.  It would, however, explain EJ’s occasional bouts of guilt and wanting to be a better man, before reverting to DiMera form.  Shrink Marlena could also then study EJ in an extended nature vs. nurture investigation – after all she is part of academia now, with its associated publishing quota.
The other option floated on fan boards is the possibility that Zack really was Hope and John’s child after all, and that mime reunion with Bo in Paris was a fake memory placed by Stefano.  Zack would then have been conceived aboard a submarine off the coast of Hawaii, when John and Hope reverted back to their Father John and Princess Gina personas. 
 Zack’s history has been refreshed for new Days of our Lives viewers through Bo and Hope’s counseling sessions with Marlena (foreshadowing?). For this to have any bearing on anything right now, Zack would also have to be alive, even though his liver was donated to Claire Brady (Shawn D and Belle’s daughter).  Not a big ask for Stefano to source a new liver for Zack and have the toddler revived given he arranged the theft of a kidney from John Black years ago…
The existence and identity of the love child is pure speculation at this point, but there is still one mystery from the safe deposit box that hasn’t been revealed – Just what did Alice have on Stefano?  And just what are those secret bank statements and bank transactions all about?  Nothing to do but wait for Doug and Julie to return from Africa…

Update February 17, 2011 – So Stefano has finally opened the envelope.  The news is crushing, as we knoew it would be and what does Stefano do?  Disappear.  He leaves a note for Kate telling her he has to go away for a short while but will be back.  So the wait to find our what Alica had on Stefano continues….

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