Days of our Lives Comings and Goings – Spring 2012

The activity on the comings and goings front on Days of our Lives is set to be quite active over the coming months.  With some of the comings announced months ago, this post looks to summarize who we are going to see coming to our screens during the spring and who will be leaving Salem yet again.

Days of our Lives Comings:

Lisa Rinna – Billie Reed

News broke of Lisa Rinna’s return to the role she created in October 2011.  Rinna reportedly began filming scenes as Billie Reed in December of 2011 under a cloud of secrecy.  Only actors involved in her scenes were privy to the characters storyline arc.  Even today, there are precious little in the way of spoilers about Billie’s return to Salem.  What we do know however is that Lisa Rinnas first airdate, according to her tweet is March 9, 2012.

With the resurrection of the Countess Wilhelmina, the company Billie Reed founded, and more recently the ISA, Billie will have a career option or two in Salem.   Picking that if Billie is working for the ISA it will be undercover leaving her in need of a cover occupation at Countess Wilhelmina….

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Bryan Dattilo – Lucas Horton

Bryan Dattilo returns to Days of our Lives this week as Lucas Horton, Billie Reeds half brother.  Lucas has been living in Hong Kong and working for Kate’s Hearth and Home company. 

On February 29, 2012 a panicked Sami call on Lucas for help.  Ian McAllister informs Kate that Sami is the mole within Countess Wilhelmina and Kate, never one to miss an opportunity to mess with Sami’s head, proceeds to do so.  Two days later on March 2, 2012 Lucas appears on Sami’s doorstep promising to help.

But Lucas’ love life has not stood still while away from Salem – he returns to Salem engaged!
Given the above storyline, Bryan Dattilo’s first air date has been reported as both February 29, and March 2.  I’m going with March 2 and that we will only see Sami’s side of the conversation with Lucas on February 29.

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Beverly Todd – Celeste

Beverly Todd was cast as Salem’s resident psychic, Lexie’s mother and Stefano’s former mistress, when Tanya Boyd’s schedule couldn’t accommodate reprising the role. 
Celeste will be seen on air from April 3, 2012.  But she won’t be returning to Salem alone…

Schuyler Yancey – Dr Cameron Davis

Schuyler Yancey who has appeared as a day player in Days of our Lives last year has been cast as Dr Cameron Davis.  He is Celeste’s son, said to have been raised by his father.  He will interact with the younger set, Abigail, Melanie and Gabi.

Look for Dr Davis to grace your screens on April 4, 2012. 

Charles Shaughnessy – Shane Donovan

Charles Shaughnessy is set to return dashing ISA superspy Shane Donovan back to Salem.  Shane returns to Salem to work on an ISA case involving both John Black and Ian McAllister. 

Watch for Charles and Shane to return com May 2, 2012.

Days of our Lives Goings: 
Bren Foster – Quinn Hudson

The actor tweeted that he was no longer with Days of our Lives.  But who knows, he could be back, given he has been hired, fired, hired again.  Though the character Quinn had much potential, the day spa operator was given little more to do than lend a shoulder to cry on for the teens of Salem.

Rumor has it that Foster was let out of his contract to work on other projects.  The actor tweeted that professionally he is busy but that he couldn’t comment yet….

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