Days of our Lives – Its All Happening February 2012: Will Kisses a Boy and Comes Out, Rafe learns the Truth, John and Hope travel to Alamainia

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Next week, February 20 – 24, 2012, stalled storylines suddenly move forward upping the stakes for some of our favorite Days of our Lives characters.  What you are about to read contains and healthy dose of spoilers and speculation gathered from many sources both online and offline.

Will kisses Sonny’s friend, Neil, as Sonny watches

On Thursday February 23, 2012, the scene we’ve all been waiting for Will kissing a boy finally airs. Will reportedly kisses one of Sonny’s friends during a drinking game and Sonny witnesses the event.  The identity of the young man that Will kisses remains a mystery, though to add some drama and perhaps tension between Sonny and Will, perhaps it is the young man that Sonny mentioned dating a couple of times.  Update:  Will kisses a young man named Neil.  Photos!

This event has been a long time coming, but the time dedicated to Days of our Lives has been worth the effort.  Not only are Will and Sonny fans chomping at the bit to see this scene, but Will’s angst and confusion over his sexuality has been nicely offset with his involvement with EJ, and his hostility towards Sami for sleeping with EJ.  Will has effectively isolated himself from his support network (except Marlena) by holding onto his anger over Sami’s betrayal of Rafe and their family, and found himself blackmailed by EJ, and Nicole and enjoying it – not to mention the perks – a bachelor pad and sports car.

Rafe learns about Sami’s affair

Sami learns that Marlena knows about her affair with EJ.  Early in the week, Marlena makes Sami see that the problems in her life are of her own making.  Also on February 23, Rafe learns about Sami and EJ’s grief sex.  Did Sami come clean and admit to the act after her discussion with Marlena?  Perhaps.  Regardless how Rafe finds out, he does, and his reaction is to head directly to the DiMera mansion to punch out EJ, who is in the midst of proposing to Nicole…So poor Nicole who’s relationship with EJ is not based on honesty and trust becomes the last to know…When will Nicole learn of EJ’s beast/grief sex with Sami?  Update! When Rafe barges in and attacks EJ! 

Upset over EJ’s betrayal, Nicole collapses.

Will Comes Out – Only to be interrupted

If kissing another dude doesn’t make a young man face his sexuality, I’m not sure anything will.  Look for Will to admit to Marlena (?) on Friday February 24, 2012 that he is gay.  But will he get the words out this time?  Or is Will’s coming out doomed to be upstaged by the drama in his mother’s life?

John and Hope fly off to Alamainia

Despite Bo asking for time off to escort Hope to Alamainia, by week’s end Hope and John board the plane to Alamain, alone.  Bo and Marlena have visa issues, no doubt orchestrated by the Phoenix.

Given that John and Hope will be in Alamainia for a minimum of two weeks, that gives Stefano plenty of time to activate their chips and turn John into the pawn and Hope into Gina (or whatever dastardly scheme he has planned).  This of course relies on Stefano being to get past the shocking secret he learned from the envelope kept in his and Alice’s safe deposit box all those years…Update:  Stefano learns the secret then disappears!

To Alamainia….where John and Hope find themselves sharing a room and overcome by memories of their past together.  To avoid the memories, John admits to Hope that he is working for the ISA…

Ian, Kate, Stefano, Madison and Brady – Love Connections

Brady finally confronts Madison about her marriage to Ian and keeping it a secret.  Turns out Ian never got over an old flame – Kate – and their story comes out this week.  The affect Ian has on Kate could spell bad news for Stefano especially when Kate learns that Ian is married to Madison!

Ian fills Kate in on who the mole is in Countess Wilhelmina.  A spooked Sami calls on Lucas for help.  Lucas turns up in Salem at Sami’s door.  Life has changed for Lucas.  During his time in hong Kong he has gained a fiance!

Abigail becomes deluded stalker Abby

Abby still intent on stealing Austin away from Carrie, on the basis of their imagined one night together comes up with a plan to make Austin jealous.  How?  Hasn’t Austin already admitted he’s not in love with her?  Or perhaps she sets Austin up to see Carrie in a compromising situation, driving Austin into her arms – for real this time.  Either way, much as the stalker Abby storyline seemed too much of a Sami re-run for poor Austin to bear, it’s kind of refreshing to find out Jennifer’s daughter isn’t all sugar and spice like her Momma, but has some of Jack’s craziness in her too. 

Or maybe Laura’s mental issues have just skipped a generation. 

Abby drags Melanie into her scheme to stalk Austin and Carrie on their romantic weekend getaway at Green Mountain.  Abby and Melanie will just happen to be at the lodge at the same time as Austin and Carrie

Update:  Look for Abby to use Quinn Hudson to make Austin jealous!  And maybe it worked because Austin wants to know what her flirting was all about…
Quinn’s return to Salem
Apparently Quinn is part of someone’s master plan…but don’t get to attached to Quinn – the actor recently tweeted that he was no longer with Days of our Lives.  Shame. 


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