History Repeats for Days of our Lives’ Sami, Carrie and Austin

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Longtime fans of Days of our Lives are experiencing a sense of déjà vu from the storylines currently playing out on their screens.  Whether that’s a good or bad thing really depends on which fan you ask.

With the reboot of Days of our Lives in September of 2011, Ken Corday promised fans a return to the storytelling of the past, involving family, romance, intrigue and adventure.  That is exactly what is being delivered, though some of the “full circle” storylines, at this point in time, feel a little too much like they’ve been ripped from the archives.

Sami becomes Marlena

Case in point is Sami reliving her own past, but from the perspective of her mother, Marlena.  Marlena and Sami have had a stormy and complicated relationship since a teenaged Sami witnessed her mother, cheating on her father, Roman Brady, with John Black.  Sami has been vocal in her lack of respect for her mother’s choices all those years ago, yet today, finds herself in precisely the same situation with her son Will having witnessed her “grief sex” with EJ when their son Johnny was thought dead.

When Will finally confesses to his mother that he saw everything, he accuses Sami of becoming exactly what she hated most about her own mother.  Sami defends that her situation is nothing like Marlena’s but Will thinks it’s far worse.  At least Marlena loved John; Sami claims to hate EJ which makes her act filthy and disgusting!

Will finally agrees to keep Sami’s secret, but not for Sami’s sake; for the sake of his siblings.  Will doesn’t want to be responsible for taking away their family.  Sami is thankful, but destroyed that she has lost the love and support of her son.

Carrie steals Sami’s husband?

Will leaves and runs into some of Sonny’s gay friends who invite him to a party – to partake in a drinking game perhaps?  Sami also leaves, and goes to see Rafe.  When Sami arrives at Rafe and Carries office, however, she finds them kissing – passionately!  (Rafe and Carrie were celebrating not only solving a case but getting paid!).

This is also a twist on storylines gone-by, albeit with a twist.  This time Sami isn’t the husband stealer, its Carrie.  One kiss will also resurrect the Sami and Carrie rivalry.  Of course it isn’t long before Austin arrives and learns of his wife and brother in laws indiscretion, sending Austin off on a bender.
Austin sleeps with Sami, I mean Abby; Or did he?

A drunken Austin heads to his office to sleep off his inebriation only to find an understanding and comforting Abby working there.  Abby is delighted when Austin finally seems to see her (through drunken eyes) as a woman and not a child.  Austin wishes Carrie could be more supportive and caring like Abby then leans in to kiss her!

When a half-naked Austin awakes, with Abby, in the morning, he assumes they slept together!  Abigail knows that telling Austin the truth at this point would end anything between them, but if she lets him think they actually slept together, maybe it will happen again (for the first time?).  Add a pregnancy, maybe faked in this case, and poor Austin may as well be dealing with a teenaged Sami. (A teenage Sami enlisted Lucas Roberts to help her trick Austin into sleeping with her).
There’s still hope…

While there is an incredible sense of reliving the past, sometimes with a new set of characters, sometimes with the original characters, there are still enough unknowns in the storylines to give this fan hope that there is one, as yet unseen, thread that draws everything that we are seeing together into a monumental “Ah-ha” moment.  Ken Corday did also promise and over arching umbrella storyline…

I’m thinking of course of movies such as Valentine’s Day which served up a whole lot of individual love stories that by the end of the film were all inter-connected by the characters associations with one another – associations slowly revealed through the movie.  I can only hope, that’s what we are witnessing on Days of our Lives at the moment, because the alternative is that after 46 years of storytelling there are no new stories to be told staring the denizens of Salem.  That would make this Days of our Lives fan very sad.

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