Nicole is Pregnant, Doesn’t tell EJ and Confides in Another Man

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Could Nicole possibly be channeling Sami’s life with a time delay of a few years?

Next week on Days of our Lives, Nicole DiMera (Arianna Zucker) deals not only with the fallout from the big EJ and Sami had grief sex reveal, but also appears to have a health crisis no doubt triggered by the stress of being married to EJ.

Nicole collapses in front of Daniel who has just returned to Salem after going on a retreat to find himself.  At the hospital Daniel tells Nicole she is pregnant – with EJ’s child!  Until recently this would have been a dream come true for unlucky in love, Nicole.  Much of Nicole’s relationship with EJ still stems around her love for Sydney, and wanting to keep the little girl in her life. 

Though Sydney is Sami and EJ’s child, Nicole was the little girl’s mother for first year of her life.  In the summer of 2008, Nicole and Sami were both pregnant with EJ’s child.  While Sami kept the fact a secret, Nicole was at the time married to EJ.  When Nicole lost her baby (Nicole has had a long history of not being able to have children) she faked her pregnancy, arranged to adopt pregnant teen, Mia’s baby and switched that baby with Sami’s.  The result?  Sami took Mia’s baby home and named her Grace and Nicole took Sami’s child home to proud papa, EJ and named her Sydney.

Of course the web of lies all came undone and Nicole lost Sydney to Sami, leaving Nicole heartbroken.  It really was a shame, because motherhood suited Nicole. 

Nicole DiMera is Pregnant and doesn’t tell EJ

Nicole appears to once again have overcome her inability to have children and fallen pregnant with EJ’s child.  This would have been a blessing, until she learned that despite all his talk of honesty and openness EJ has been keeping a big secret – he and Sami had sex when they thought Johnny dead.  So instead of sharing the good news with her husband, she chooses to keep the news to herself.  For now, anyway.

The Sami Parallel

Sami found herself pregnant with EJ’s child, again (they already shared one child – Johnny) after a single night of passion that also ended her relationship with Lucas.  (Lucas had been in jail for shooting EJ, was released with an ankle bracelet and walked in on Sami and EJ in the height of passion.)

Sami didn’t want another child to be influenced by the DiMera’s so she kept her pregnancy a secret.  Before the pregnancy became obvious, Sami found herself in witness protection after seeing the Mayor of Salem being gunned down outside the DiMera Mansion.  Ironically, Sami had been on her way to tell EJ the truth when she witnessed the shooting and became a target herself.  Witness protection allowed Sami to delay telling EJ the truth.
Nicole confides in another man

Though a simple spoiler at the moment, rumor has it that Nicole confides in Dr Dan over her predicament with EJ, potentially setting Daniel up as her confidante during a secret pregnancy. 

Given Daniel Jonas’ history in the love stakes in Salem you have to wonder if somewhere during Nicole’s pregnancy he doesn’t save her (or for a slight twist on the cliché, the baby’s) life and fall for Nicole.  Perhaps, Jennifer could make up her mind between Daniel and Jack in that stalled storyline if Daniel showed some interest in Nicole.

A recent event almost foreshadows this occurring:

Nicole and Jennifer had a very public argument in the Horton Town Square that started over Nicole and EJ stealing Abe’s jobs initiative and presenting it as their own.  The argument however became personal quickly; when Nicole wondered what kind of hold boring and dull Jennifer had over the two men – Jack and Daniel.  The argument would have come to blows had Daniel not pulled Nicole away, and Jack pulled Jennifer away. Nicole accused Daniel of falling for all his patients.  Daniel retorted that Nicole had been his patient too, and he certainly hadn’t fallen for “legs”. 


That scene certainly had the kind of spark and fire that soap operas are known for, and honestly seems to be missing from some of the interactions between the more established couples on the show, even with secret marriages and trips to Alamainia coming between them…

The Sami parallel

When Sami saw the face of the man that shot the Mayor of Salem, she too was almost shot on the same night.  Assuming his daughter was in danger, Roman arranged for Sami to go into witness protection.  Sami wasn’t thrilled about being away from her kids (Johnny and Ali) and made many attempts to escape from her protectors.  Finally, Roman sent in FBI agent, Rafe Hernandez to keep Roman’s wayward daughter under control.  In close quarters, it wasn’t long before Rafe learned Sami was pregnant and became her confidante.  Sami and Rafe, of course, fell in love during those days in the witness protection apartment.

Despite, what on the surface appear to be similarities to a storyline gone by, Nicole’s pregnancy and a potential secret baby storyline is one that this Days of our Lives fan is looking forward to.  My only hope is that Nicole can carry the baby to term and have the child she so desperately wants….Come on writers give Nicole a break.


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