Princess Gina – A quick refresher

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Since we learned last week that John and Hope were married during the time Hope thought herself to be Princess Gina, we thought a quick recap on how Princess Gina impacted the lives of Hope, Bo, and John was in order…

After his beloved Fancy face died in a vat of acid at the hands of Ernesto Toscano, Bo moved on with his life – with former drug addict Billie Reed.  Just as Bo proposed to Billie, John Black found an unconscious woman in Maison Blanche who bore an uncanny resemblance to Hope.  Though she looked like Hope, the woman called herself Gina, and had no memory of being Hope Williams Brady.  It turned out the woman was Hope and eventually Bo and Hope reconciled, but the question of who Gina was, and what had Hope been up to during the four years she was “dead” remained a mystery.

Years later Stephano and Rolf flipped the switch to activate the chip in Hope’s brain that transformed her back into Princess Gina Von Amberg (an art forger and thief) whom Stefano had had Hope impersonate during her missing “dead” years.  Once transformed into Gina, Hope/Gina, however, pursued her own agenda of reuniting with her lover and partner from her art thieving days – John Black!

Hope/Gina had John kidnapped while on his honeymoon in Hawaii with Marlena, and Hope/Gina flipped the switch in John’s brain chip to return John to the man the real Princess Gina had fallen for in the 80’s (backstory).  Hope/Gina and John made love on a submarine.  When Stefano discovered the two of them, Hope/Gina seduced Stefano so that he wouldn’t kill John.  Stefano turned John back into himself and tossed him overboard.

Meanwhile the real Princess Gina, imprisoned in a locked turret in her own castle on the outskirts of Paris, escaped and imprisoned Hope (who was now free of the Gina persona thanks to Bo) and Stefano in the same castle turret.  Gina, impersonating Hope returned to Salem to reunite with her former lover John Black and her daughter Greta.

Realizing that she would never woo John from his beloved Marlena, Gina set her sights on Bo (while impersonating Hope).  But at their wedding, Gina/Hope shot Shawn D, who was suspicious of his “mother” and Gina/Hope died.  Slowly the Salemites put two and two together, and Lily Faversham’s  (Gina’s friend) identified  the body as Gina Von Amberg by means of a scar.

In search of Hope, and to bury Princess Gina in France at her castle, half of Salem travelled to France.  On the way the plane crashed and Gina’s body eerily kept popping up, as if there was a message she needed to pass on from the beyond.  Even during her burial at the castle, Gina’s body tumbled from her coffin, her hand pointing to the turret where a pregnant Hope, and Stefano were imprisoned (with little food).

Bo and John rescued Hope and Stefano as the castle burned, and they all returned to Salem, to solve the new mystery – who fathered Hope’s baby?

The initial possibilities were of course John and Stefano, given Hope/Gina’s trysts on the submarine, but Bo turned out to be the father (Hope and Bo reunited in Paris while he was a mime!).  Could the secret baby storyline result in a rewriting of this piece of history? 

Perhaps not, as Greta’s father was never established and also once thought to be John Black…but in reality the possibilities are endless (EJ perhaps?) and likely tied in with the other secret contained in the safe deposit box Stefano and Alice shared – the one Stefano is going to great pains to keep hidden…


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