Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 27 Feb – 2 Mar 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia.  It is telecast at 2pm weekdays, unless there is a game of cricket being played.  Episodes of Days of our Lives are not skipped but as a result Australian fans fall further and further behind US airdates each summer.

Days of our Lives will be preempted on Monday 27 February, 2012 for coverage of the 8th Annual Academy Awards coverage.
Days of our Lives will be preempted for a one day cricket match between Australia and Sri Lanka on Friday March 2, 2012.

Episodes airing in Australia this week aired at the beginning of December 2010.
Monday February 27, 2012

Preempted for Academy Awards coverage

Tuesday February 28, 2012
  • Nicole can’t believe her good fortune – she has both Brady AND Sydney in her life.
  • EJ tells her she can’t have both – she needs to choose.
  • Stefano is delighted when EJ tells him that he has his children back.
  • Stefano dislikes that Nicole is back in Sydney’s life.
  • Stefano promises to deal with Kate when he learns she is the reason Sami shot EJ.
  • Kate comes home…
  • Bo is meeting with Warden Smith about Hope’s solitary confinement as Carly nearly dies.
  • Bo rushes to the hospital when he learns of Carly’s condition.
  • Bo’s presence gives Carly strength and the cure begins to work…
  • Nathan and Melanie are given Daniel’s cure and also begin to recover.
  • Philip witnesses a moment between Melanie and Nathan who have now shared a life threatening event.
  • Jennifer tells Bo they may have to work around the Warden to help Hope.
  • Hope shares her concerns about Lee with the warden when another inmate become seriously ill.
  • Warden Smith privately makes plans to get rid of Hope…
Wednesday February 29, 2012
  • Sami informs her family that they can never see Johnny and Sydney again.
  • EJ has won, she tells them.  There is nothing that can be done.
  • Rafe hires a diver to try find the gun that Sami threw in the river (the one she shot EJ with)
  • The diver comes up empty handed.
  • Lexie learns it was Sami that shot EJ when she finds the kids at the mansion.
  • Lexie wants nothing to do with Sami when they run into each other.
  • Roman tells EJ that he will find a way to get EJ out of their lives.
  • Try, and Sami goes to prison EJ tells Roman.
  • Stefano is furious with Kate for her involvement in getting EJ shot.
  • Kate ties to explain, but Stefano won’t hear it.
  • Stefano gets a call – his and Chad’s paternity test results are in.
  • Stefano deduces that Kate sent Chad the birth certificate, fuelling his anger with her.
  • Stefano tells Kate to get out.
  • When Chad tells Will the paternity test results are in, Will tells Chad nothing good can come from being a DiMera.
  • Vivian tells Maggie that Brady, Nicole, Philip and Kate were also party to keeping her in the sarcophagus.
Thursday March 1, 2012
  • Stefano is Chad’s father.
  • Stefano welcomes Chad to the family, but Chad rejects the offer.
  • Chad just wanted to end the lies that cost him the life of his mother.
  • Maggie tells Victor she never wants to see him again after learning about his involvement in keeping Vivian in the sarcophagus.
  • Vivian promises Victor her revenge will end when all their lives are destroyed.
  • Vivian fills Gus in on her plan…who isn’t sure she can pull it off.
  • Victor tells Kate to watch her back.
  • Stefano witnesses the exchange.
  • Melanie and Philip have a loving reunion when she’s released from isolation.
  • Philip admits his involvement in keeping Vivian in the sarcophagus to Melanie.
  • Melanie forgives him – she probably would have done the same.
  • Nathan is about to tell Stephanie he is still in love with Melanie, when a dying patient changes his tune.
  • Instead Nathan commits more fully to Stephanie.
  • Despite Daniel’s reassurances to the contrary, an emotional Chloe struggles post-partum believing she’s a rotten wife and mother…
  • Daniel tells Parker than he will always love him.
Friday March 2, 2012

Preempted for one day cricket match Australia vs. Sri Lanka


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