Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 19 March – 23 March 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia and the Channel 9 cricket preemptions are over!   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in December 2010.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…

Monday March 19, 2012
  • Rafe has Lexie check photos of Johnny’s eye.
  • Lexie advises to have it checked out.
  • EJ worries about Johnny, but tells Nicole nothing is wrong.
  • Nicole becomes comfortable as the kids mother, but EJ warns her that it’s at his will that she is there.
  • EJ becomes angry when Rafe returns to discuss Johnny’s health – this time with Lexie in tow.
  • Lexie examines Johnny and becomes worried…
  • Daniel and Philip fight.
  • Chloe finds them and learns Daniel is angry because Philip cheated on Melanie with some Titan floozy.
  • Chloe tries to convince Daniel to let it go.
  • Melanie is about to tell Stephanie about Nathan’s true feelings but backs off.
  • Adrienne is about to tell Nathan the truth about Parker, but backs off.
  • Daniel runs into Melanie – will he tell her about Philips affair?
  • While Maggie babysits Parker, Victor pays her a visit.
  • Victor deduces Maggie is jealous over Kate moving into he mansion and decides to use it to his advantage.
Tuesday March 20, 2012
  • Lexie makes an immediate appointment for Johnny with a specialist.
  • EJ keeps Rafe in the dark, but Rafe can tell Lexie is worried.
  • Sami tries to use Allie to contact Johnny, but learns Johnny may be ill when she overhears Will and Gabi talking.
  • Rafe and Sami head to the hospital where Johnny is having tests performed.
  • EJ blames Sami for Johnny’s illness.
  • Bo shows Jennifer the letter from Hope and the misspelling of Ciara’s name.
  • Bo worries about Hope’s mental state, but looks for a message in the letter.
  • Bo won’t let Jennifer help, so Jennifer decides to work alone to help Hope.
  • Jane plays with Hope’s head.
  • Philip works out that Stefanie knows about his and Chloe’s tryst.
  • Chloe and Philip worry that the truth will eventually make its way to Melanie and Daniel.
  • Daniel decides not to tell Melanie about Philips infidelity.
  • Philip misunderstanding the situation admits to Daniel that he cheated…
  • Maggie worries about Philip and Chloe’s strange behavior.
Wednesday March 21, 2012
  • EJ accuses Sami of causing Johnny’s health problems in order to see him.
  • The Dr tells them they are waiting on test results.
  • EJ and Sami form a truce for Johnny’s sake.
  • The truce doesn’t last long when EJ learns about Sami and Johnny’s secret signal.
  • He orders Sami out of her son’s life.
  • The doctor arrives with bad news.
  • Bo has Julie and Doug looks after Ciara while he goes away to work on a case.
  • Bo gives Ciara one of Hopes necklaces as a Christmas present to remind her how much both her parents love her.
  • Melanie tells Carly she understands why she kept Chloe’s one night stand a secret.
  • Philip lets Daniel think it was Sabrina from Titan that he had a one night stand with.
  • Philip assures Daniel he will spend the rest of his life making Melanie happy.
  • Daniel and Philip both go to Stephanie to make sure she keeps Philips secret.
Thursday March 22, 2012
  • Sami and EJ learn Johnny has retinoblastoma – eye cancer.
  • Johnny’s eye needs to be removed.
  • Sami and EJ are understandably upset.
  • Lexie finds it interesting the EJ and Sami are getting on.
  • Its only temporary EJ assures his sister.
  • EJ apologizes to Sami (in a roundabout way) for blaming her for Johnny’s condition.
  • The second opinion confirms the original diagnosis.  Johnny’s eye has to be removed.
  • Gabi comforts Will.
  • Bo tells Carly he has to leave town for a while.
  • Carly tells him she will always love him, knowing the absence has something to do with Hope.
  • In prison Hope receives a beating from Lee.
  • At the Kiriakis mansion Nicole and Brady make love in the living room as someone watches…
Friday March 23, 2012
  • Sami and EJ tell Johnny he’s going to lose his eye.
  • They try to keep their differences hidden but end up fighting in front of Johnny.
  • Johnny yells at them to stop.
  • Daniel is called to perform the surgery.
  • As a father he finds it a difficult thing to do.
  • EJ and Sami briefly bond as Johnny is taken into surgery.
  • Rafe supports Sami, while Lexie is there for her brother.
  • In surgery Daniel removes the toddler’s eye but worries the cancer may have spread.
  • Disguised as a guard, Bo enters the prison to find a beaten Hope.
  • Hope tells Bo what’s happening and that Warden Jane wants her dead.
  • Bo believes her despite the attempt to make Hope look unstable and violent.
  • Lee comes upon Hope and Bo.
  • Hope knocks Lee out and hides her unconscious body under her bed covers.
  • Bo and Hope escape from the prison!
  • Maggie stops by the Kiriakis Mansion and is perturbed to find Kate behaving like she is mistress of the house.
  • Kate believes Victors plan to make Maggie jealous has legs.
  • Brady, Nicole, Kate and Philip receive texts supposedly from Victor to meet him at the house.
  • Victor didn’t send the texts though, Vivian did.
  • Vivian arrives to tell the gang that she is now the majority shareholder of Titan Industries.
  • Chloe feels fortunate that Daniel turned out to be Parker’s father and that everything is as it should be.


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