Christie Clark (Carrie Brady) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed) Wrap-up Taping on Days of our Lives

Christie Clark (Carrie Brady Reed) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed) finished taping scenes on the Days of our Lives set on April 25, 2012 according to Christie Clark on Twitter.

Presumably their final scenes will see Austin and Carrie return to Switzerland where they were last happy.

Which of course begs the question, does anyone find lasting happiness in Salem?

Carrie and Austin sure didn’t. 

Their return to Salem last year for the long anticipated opening of the Horton Town Square resulted in the happy couple being pitted against each other in the case against John Black for embezzling pension funds from his company, Basic Black.

Carrie stepped in as John’s defense counsel when his legal team quit, and Austin took the only job available to him that would keep him in Salem with his wife – as a forensic accountant working to help the FBI build their case against John.

Carrie and Austin’s relationship suffered as a result of the having to keep their work lives secret.  Unable to talk to Austin about her role in John’s case, Carrie developed a friendship and later attraction to Sami’s husband, Rafe who was also working to clear John.

After John was cleared things should have returned to normal, but the damage was already done. Carrie and Rafe started a business together.  Business wasn’t great and when Carrie and Rafe solved their first case for which they were paid, they celebrated – with a kiss.  The kiss was witnessed by Sami, and Austin learned about it soon thereafter.

Austin decided getting drunk was a good response to his wife’s infidelity.  When he turned up at his office at Salem U to sleep it off, he found his assistant, smitten Salem U student, Abigail Devereaux, working in his office.  Abby was supportive and loyal, everything his wife had proved she wasn’t, and Austin kissed Abby.

When he woke up the following morning with Abby still in his office and half naked, Austin presumed the worst – that he’d slept with her – and Abby did nothing to correct him.

The truth came out, of course, but not before Abby confided in Carrie about her married lover and stalked Austin and Carrie on a romantic weekend away to Green Mountain lodge…

Carrie and Austin reunited, but Carries feelings for Rafe haven’t gone away…and neither have the feelings of betrayal that Abby’s lie generated.

Carrie and Austin will be seen on our screens until sometime in June.  Stay tuned for a final air date.


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