Days of our Lives Cast Firings: Christie Clarke, Patrick Muldoon, Matthew Ashford and Sarah Brown OUT!

Hot on the heels of the news last week that Days of our Lives has new writers comes the first round of actor firings.  This week Days of our Lives announced the firing of four actors.  Three of their characters were brought back onto the Salem canvas, and one a new character introduced presumably as a love interest for Brady Black.

Christie Clarke (Carrie Brady Reed), Patrick Muldoon (the original Austin Reed), Matthew Ashford (Jack Devereaux) and Sarah Brown (Madison James) have all had their contracts terminated and are set to leave Salem.

Executive Producer Greg Meng has hinted that a series of mini reboots of the ilk experienced in a big way last September may be necessary to get Days of our Lives back on track.  There have also been rumors that more high profile sackings are on the way. 

Even without a change in the writing regime it seemed inevitable that some cast trimmings would be forthcoming.  The cast had exploded since last year’s September 26 reboot, albeit with well loved and familiar faces.  But after an initial bang many of the storylines these returned characters were involved in seemed to just fizzle out.

That argument could certainly be made for the firings reported this week.

Carrie and Austin (Christie Clarke and Patrick Muldoon)

Carrie and Austin returned to Salem to celebrate the opening of the Horton Town Square.  Carrie’s step-mom, Marlena and father figure, John also returned for the event.  That very evening, the FBI arrested John Black for embezzlement of pension funds.

Cracks started to show in Austin and Carries relationship when Carrie realized that Austin, now a forensic accountant working with the FBI, knew about the impending arrest and didn’t warn her.  Their relationship was further tested when Carrie stepped in as John’s defense counsel putting her and Austin on opposite sides of the case.

After John was cleared Carrie opened a law firm in Salem with Rafe who she had worked closely with on John’s case.  Carrie began to have feelings for Rafe while Rafe and Sami were having their own problems.  When they solved a case they celebrated by kissing.  A kiss that Sami witnessed and Austin learned about minutes later.  Austin found solace in the bottle and a smitten Abigail Devereaux took advantage of Austin’s state and allowed him to believe they’d slept together.

Jack Devereaux (Matthew Ashford)
Jack’s re-introduction to Salem also held much potential, but doesn’t seem to have been fulfilled.  After being freed from captivity in Afghanistan, Jack made his way to Salem to reunite with his wife, Jennifer only to find that not only had she divorced him in his absence but she’d moved on with Dr Daniel Jonas.  Add to that a case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and you had a good set-up for a Jack and Jennifer storyline.  But Jennifer’s inability to choose between jack and Daniel, then Daniel bowing out and leaving town left fans wondering what the point was, especially with Daniel’s attention now directed at Billie Reed.  For Jack to win Jennifer by default, even if he does support her through ballot tampering allegations, feels like a cop out.
Madison James (Sarah Brown)
Madison James too arrived in Salem for the Horton Square opening, though she wasn’t seen in those scenes.  Madison’s introduction came days later when Kate was shocked to see her in photos of the event online. Sarah Brown’s first screen time came when Madison James met with Brady Black and Victor Kiriakis who wanted to buy her company, Mad World Cosmetics.

After a somewhat embarrassing first meet where Brady mistook her for the restaurant hostess, Madison and Brady became an item.  Sure, Madison protested at first, but there was never any real tension there.  Brady and Madison had a lot of sex, but I’m not sure their encounters generated much emotion amongst viewers.  Brady rushed into proposing to Madison which made the move feel like the plot device it was.  Later that evening it was revealed that the mystery man that had been calling Madison for months was her adulterous husband, Ian McAllister.  And who was his favorite mistress?  The bane of Madison’s professional and personal life – Kate DiMera.

Since Days of our Lives films months ahead of airdates we can expect to see Austin, Carrie, Jack and Madison on our screens until August. Executive Producer, Greg Meng, has hinted that there are still some exciting stories to be told between now and the new writer’s storytelling including a cliffhanger to air before Days of our Lives goes on hiatus for the two weeks of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.


  1. It is a sham that DOOL fired Christie Clarke, Patrick Muldoon, Mathew Ashford, and Megan Brown just because their writers suck and can’t come up with interesting story lines for them. I have been watching DOOL for 38 years, and I watched Carry, Austin grow up on here and watched Jack and Jen overcome so many obstacles to be together, and I’m very disappointed in how these new writers, have turned some of my favorite characters and turned them into boring, lame, dumb, disgusting characters example Jen, Rafe, Chloe, Brady, Daniel, Hope, and most of all Nick never liked him. Come on writers wake up and listen to your audience before you destroy DOOL and they end up taking it off the air because of lack of ratings and viewers!!!! We as fans let you know what we want take the time to listen to us before it’s too late!!!!

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