Days of our Lives Head Writer Shakeup: McPherson and Thomas Out, Tomlin and Whitesell In

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Less than a year after being hired to pen Days of our Lives much touted “reboot”, Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr have been fired as Days of our Lives co-Head Writers.  The reason?  Ratings of the long running soap did not improve under the new writing team.

Marlene McPherson took to the Twitter airwaves to voice sadness that the stories they wrote weren’t “theirs” due to much network interference.  If there is any truth to this statement at all you have to wonder what good a new writing team will be. 

Executive Producer Greg Meng seems to support McPherson in stating that disagreements over the direction of Days of our Lives by the three entities (Corday Productions, Sony and NBC) responsible fro bringing Days of our Lives to our screens is a challenge the show faces.  He, however also assures that all have one very important thing in common – none of them wants cancellation for Days of our Lives.  

Meng is however  enthusiastic about the suspense filled adventure based romances that the new writing dream team will tell.

New co-Head Writers have been appointed:  Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell, both of whom have held writing positions on Days of our Lives in the past.  A new breakdown writer, Lorraine Broderick has also been hired.  Broderick most recently served to give All My Children its send off.


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