Renee Jones (Lexie Carver) Quits Days of our Lives and Acting!

Renee Jones has announced her retirement from Days of our Lives AND acting after playing Lexie Carver on for almost 20 years.  Raised on a farm in Georgia, Renee Jones is looking to lead a quieter, simpler life surrounded by the peace of nature.

Renee Jones first appeared as Police Officer, Lexie Brooks in February, 1993. That role however, was not her first on Days of our Lives. She also played Nikki Wade a Police department secretary with a major crush on Abe Carver during the early 1980’s. 

During her almost 20 year tenure on the show Renee Jones’ character, Lexie left police work behind to become a doctor and discovered Stefano DiMera was her father.  Her marriage to Salem good guy, Abe Carver  (at one time the Police Commander, Police Commissioner and Mayor of Salem) was a constant source of conflict in Lexie’s relationship with her father and siblings.

Lexie has flirted with the darker side of her DiMera nature on a few occasions; most notably when Lexie’s desperation to have a child kept her from returning Isaac (Zach) to Bo and Hope when she learned he was their biological child, not JT.
For the most part however, Lexie was the upstanding wife, if you discount all those affairs, or local dignitary Abe Carver.  Never really a front burner couple, you have to wonder what that means for James Reynolds’ Abe Carver.  Will he be a victim of the new writing regimes axe?

And what of Lexie?  How will she be written from the Salem canvas?  Given that Renee Jones seems adamant about leaving acting for good and that Lexie is currently suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, Lexie’s exit could well involve a death….

Lexie Carver (and Renne Jones) will be seen on our screens until June 20, 2012 when Lexie succumbs to her illness.  UPDATE:  She will be seen on screen until June 28, 2012.

Lexie Dies in Abe’s Arms


  1. Why don't Days of Our Lives leave the Lexie Carver character on Days and just let somebody else play the role. Give her one of Stepheno's wonder drugs and heal her.

    Now, if you want Lexie to stay gone for a while then have Stepheno or somebody kidnap her or just like Christian situation. Christian can come back to work on Days of Our Lives one day and so did Hope, Marlena and John .

    Lexie is elegant, classy and is too valuable to the show for them to let her character die.

    Lucus came back after getting a break for a while and they can do the same thing for Lexie. All she needs is a break. Acting is in her bloodline. After all Days, your show has worked her consistanly. She needs a break.

    If you kill Lexie's character to where she cannot go back to Days and get her old job back after she has rested enough, I will not watch Days of Our Lives anymore.

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