Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 2 April– 6 April 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia and the Channel 9 cricket preemptions are over!   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in late December 2010 and early January 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…Its New Years 2011 in Salem this week and the truth about Parker’s paternity is finally revealed…

Monday April 2, 2012
  • Proud parents, Daniel and Chloe watch as Parker is baptized.
  • Melanie, Carly and Victor attend the baptism.
  • Kayla realizes that Stephanie and Caroline didn’t reveal Philip is Parker’s father.
  • Adrienne admits Stephanie confided in her.
  • Kayla believes her mother and Adrienne were wrong to keep quiet.
  • Distressed Caroline goes to St Lukes unaware that Parker’s baptism is taking place.
  • Kayla insists her mother tell the truth.
  • The baptism finishes and everyone overhears Kayla talking to Caroline.
  • EJ watches Nicole and Sami fighting delighting in the hell Sami is in (having Nicole in her kids’ life).
  • Sami is taken to the police station.
  • Rafe warns her to calm down or risk losing Allie too.
  • Nicole wants to press charges.
  • Rafe convinces Nicole not to and calms Sami down.
  • Sami realizes EJ will kick Nicole out soon enough.
  • EJ tells Stefano he has a plan to get Sami out of his kids’ life forever.
  • EJ asks Nicole to marry him!
  • Nathan and Stephanie head to Baltimore.
Tuesday April 3, 2012
  • The truth comes out about Parker’s paternity.
  • Maggie takes Parker home.
  • Daniel wants to know why Caroline and Kayla would think he’s not Parker’s father.
  • Caroline spills that she switched the paternity test results.
  • Daniel hits Philip, but restrains himself – eventually.
  • Caroline said she switched the results to save many relationships.
  • And to keep Parker out of the Kiriakis family.
  • Victor is appalled.
  • Caroline regrets she ever told him about Bo being his son.
  • Caroline has a stroke and is taken to the hospital.
  • Melanie. Philip, Daniel and Chloe deal with the fallout.
  • Weighing all her options Nicole decides to marry EJ and tells Brady.
  • Vivian shows EJ the photos of Nicole and Brady…
Wednesday April 4, 2012
  • Thinking they have time before Vivian enacts her revenge, Nicole tells Brady she’s marrying EJ.
  • But Vivian shows the photos of Nicole and Brady making love.
  • EJ plays it cool with Vivian but is shocked by the revelation.
  • Kate worries about what Vivian has in store for her.
  • Rather than wait for Vivian’s attack Kate and Brady decide to work together.
  • EJ lets Nicole know that he knows about her and Brady.
  • EJ reminds Nicole of the power he has over her.
  • Decide now EJ tells Nicole.  Sydney or Brady?
  • Daniel and Melanie confront their spouses over their deception.
  • Philip and Chloe try to explain.
  • Kayla points out that what Carly did was illegal.
  • Carly thinks Kayla knows more than she is letting on.
  • Victor takes responsibility for his role in Caroline’s behavior.
  • How can Carly live with herself? Victor asks Carly.
  • Carly defends herself but still has no idea it was Philip Chloe cheated with.
  • Philip goes to see his son.
  • Melanie suggests she and Daniel take Parker from Philip and Chloe since Daniel is legally his father.
Thursday April 5, 2012
  • Nicole breaks up with Brady who is angry and bitter.
  • Rafe comforts Sami through a New Years without her kids.
  • Sami learns about Caroline’s stroke and goes to the hospital.
  • Later Rafe and Sami watch fireworks from the pier.
  • They run into Nicole and EJ who tells them the good news about their impending nuptials.
  • Daniel tells Melanie they need to do what’s best for Parker.
  • Chloe lets Philip hold his son, but hopes for Daniel to come back to her.
  • Melanie walks out on Philip.
  • Philip fills Kate in about Parker.
  • Kate is horrified that Chloe is the mother of her newly acquired grandson.
  • Chloe thinks about last New Years and fantasizes that Daniel will come back to her.
  • Daniel also remembers last New Year’s.
  • In Baltimore, Stephanie tries to convince Nathan to get married immediately.
  • Stephanie ignores messages from Kayla believing its about Parker’s paternity.
  • Finally listening to the messages Stephanie learns Caroline is in the hospital.
  • Kayla feels guilty thinking she triggered Caroline’s stroke.
Friday April 6, 2012
  • Bo calls Carly from a payphone.
  • Carly agrees to put him in touch with Roman.
  • After Bo hangs up he realizes the line was tapped.
  • Bo goes back to the cabin and tells Hope they have to leave immediately.
  • Rafe goes to the prison to talk to Jane.
  • Jane who knows his wife is Bo and Hope’s niece won’t talk to him.
  • Jane gets the news that the State investigator traced Bo’s phone call.
  • Ben and Jennifer bond. 
  • He worries about not being able to get organs for his dying patient.
  • EJ gives Nicole a bracelet that is also a tracking device.
  • Stefano thinks EJ marrying Nicole is a mistake.
  • Johnny is not happy to hear EJ is marrying Nicole.
  • Sami learns about Nicole leaving Brady.
  • She uses the information to her advantage.
  • She makes a call to Brady telling him he and Nicole can use her place as a secret love nest.
  • Sami hopes to derail Nicole’s marriage to EJ,  aware Stefano has overheard her call.


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