Eileen Davidson let go from Young and the Restless: Could EJ’s Mom or Kristen Blake Return to Salem?

Seeing Ashley Abbott leave Genoa City will be sad.  But it also makes room for an opportunity.  An opportunity to Days of our Lives to cash in and bring Eileen Davidson back to Salem in any one of the characters she created during her tenure on Days of our Lives in the 1990’s.

Not only would Susan Bank’s return to Salem be timely given the recent revelation that Stefano DiMera is not EJ’s biological father, but Kristen would be a welcome addition to the Salem canvas as well.

Of all the love interests thrown at RoJo (Roman/John), only Kristen Blake, Stefano’s adopted daughter, successfully competed against Marlena for John’s affection.  Diana Colville, RoJo’s love interest during the John’s Roman years never shared the canvas with Marlena because she was presumed dead.  Isabella Black did for a short time, but her relationship with Roman was “saved” when he turned out to be John Black, and not Roman.  Before John and Isabella’s relationship could be tested Isabella was turned into a tragic figure dying of cancer.

This is a really long way of saying that Kristen Blake could provide some real conflict in John and Marlena’s relationship, especially if EJ’s biological father turns out to be none other than John Black.  After all, Susan’s baby once born was to be raised by Kristen and her new husband, John…

Of course watching Kristen Blake, Stefano’s adopted daughter return to be doted on by Stefano would just highlight once more the hypocrisy of Stefano freezing out EJ because he is not his blood son.

Seeing Eileen Davidson return as Kristen and cause some trouble in John and Marlena’s life would be a welcome respite from the another rehash of the Pawn and Princess Gina saga. But it would take some clever writing.


  1. @nbcdays I keep seeing ppl say they think/hope that John is EJ's biological father. Are these ppl failing to remember that Coleen Brady is John's biological mother…which makes Shawn Brady John's uncle, and Roman Brady John's cousin…which if EJ was to be John's biological son that would make Sami and EJ third cousins AND Jonny and Sydney products of incest. I really don't see the writers going there. The only thing that would make sense with this scenario is why EJ is a spitting image of Santo DiMera even though Stefano is SUPPOSEDLY not EJ's father. But if the writers were to completely destroy #EJami in such a disgusting way I don't think I could stomach watching #DOOL ever again.  @Ali_Sweeney @IamJamesScott @DrakeHogestyn 

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