Gun Sales in Salem Soar: Who Will Shoot Stefano?

Ever since the hugely popular “Who shot JR” cliffhanger Dallas ended its second season with in the early 80’s, soap operas both daytime and prime time have tried to reproduce the magic and ratings of that event; Sometimes successfully, sometimes a little less so.

With the denizens of Salem all arming themselves over the coming days and weeks, and with more than one person with a score to settle against Stefano DiMera, it looks like Days of our Lives is set to host the next iteration with a “Who shot Stefano DiMera” mystery.

So who will be seen wielding a weapon or given a clear motive for the shooting of Stefano?  Here is a list of the early front-runners:  Remember, the list contains both spoilers and speculation!

Lexie Carver

Over the past weeks we have watched Lexie bravely learn she has a brain tumor, refuse further treatment and work on a bucket list as she faces her impending death. Her father’s culpability for her condition has been kept from Lexie, but next week she finds out when she overhears Abe and Stefano arguing.

Could a devastated Lexie turn on the man she calls Father? Not very Lexie granted, but there is a tumor growing in her head.  It could be compromising the logic and reasoning centers of her brain.
Abe Carver

Abe has lost almost everything thanks to the Stefano DiMera.  He lost his position as Mayor, and will soon lose the love of his life, Stefano’s daughter Lexie, to a brain tumor caused by Stefano’s own machinations years ago when Lexie was exposed to toxic gas while held captive in the tunnels under Salem by Andre – Stefano’s then right hand man.

Will Horton

The revelation that it was Will and not Lucas that shot EJ all those years ago puts a new spin on Will Horton.  Will has taken a weapon in his hand and pulled the trigger before, he could do it again.

Blackmailed by Stefano into making sure Rafe found out that EJ and Sami had grief sex, Will certainly has motive.  Will’s conflict centered on not wanting to destroy his younger siblings family, something he’d never really had growing up, then Stefano forced his hand.
Add to that EJ firing Will for his involvement in his and Sami’s secret coming out (EJ lost Nicole because of the revelation) and stripping him of all the goodies he’d showered upon him, a fancy apartment and sports car and you have a young Horton with a motive.
Lucas Horton

The only pity for Lucas is that Stefano is the target of the shooting and not EJ DiMera.  After all he’s already done the time for shooting EJ – a crime he didn’t commit. Would double jeopardy apply?  Maybe. Maybe not. 

Lucas finds Will with a gun and takes it from him.

EJ DiMera

When EJ discovers that Will was blackmailed by Stefano into revealing to Rafe that EJ and Sami slept together when they thought Johnny was dead, he holds his father at gunpoint. Stefano disowned EJ when he learned that EJ wasn’t his biological son, and now EJ learns he is also responsible for him losing Nicole.

Marlena Evans Black

Thanks to a deal with the CIA, Stefano DiMera has had his criminal slate wipe clean.  If that isn’t enough to gall the awesome foursome (John, Marlena, Bo and Hope) after years of being persecuted by Stefano DiMera what is?

Marlena, of course, has shot Stefano before, during the Prism storyline of the 80’s.  Stefano fell from the rafters of an ice rink when Marlena shot him.  His body was never found and presumed burned in the fire.  Stefano, like a bad penny, turned up again through.

Marlena also sent Stefano into a coma in the past for crimes against her family, so it’s not a stretch for her to pick up a gun – again.  Especially, if Marlena learns about Stefano blackmailing her grandson Will.

John Black

John has every right to be angry with Stefano DiMera.  He framed John for stealing pension funds from Basic Black seeing him face embezzlement charges, then he turned John back into the pawn while he and Hope were in Alamainia obtaining a divorce.

And those are only the reasons John has for shooting Stefano since John’s return to Salem last September.  Add to that all his past indiscretions like brainwashing John into believing he was another man (Roman Brady) and you’d have to be surprised that John hasn’t already taking a gun and popped his half-brother.

Kate DiMera

Would Kate rather be a DiMera widow than Stefano’s ex-wife?  Probably, and since Stefano is busy trying to destroy Kate professionally, by preventing her for working for Titan and serves her with divorce papers at the same time, Kate certainly has a motive.

Bo Brady

Stefano has manipulated Bo and Hope’s life for many years also. Like many others in Salem Bo too picks up a gun.  Will he finally take out Stefano?

On a dark and stormy night in Salem, one by one, Stefano’s enemies face him with presumably loaded weapons. Some put their guns down and leave, but at least one will pull the trigger.  Who will it be? Will Stefano live to point the finger at his assailant? Or will the Brandy and cigar he’s enjoying while listening to opera on that stormy night be his last?

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