Rumor has it Blake Berris (Nick Fallon) is headed back to Salem

An intriguing rumor that is doing the rounds of the internet soap sites at the moment is that Blake Berris, who portrayed Nick Fallon from 2006 – 2009 may be headed back to Salem. 

Who is Nick Fallon again?

Nick is a Horton, by blood.  He is the son of Jessica Blake and Joshua Fallon who met and married on Days of our Lives in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Of course Jessica and Joshua’s road to marriage wasn’t easy with Joshua being a suspect of the Salem Strangler killings and Jessica joining a nunnery after discovering Sister Marie Horton was her biological mother who gave her up at birth.  Jessica went on to develop multiple personalities and become engaged to the actual Salem Strangler, Jake Kositchek.

Sometime after Jessica and Joshua left Salem, Nick was born.  Nick however didn’t come on the Salem canvas until he was an adult: A slightly nerdy egg-head who lived with Aunt Maggie (Horton) for a time.

Once in Salem Nick fell immediately for Billie and Bo’s wild child daughter Chelsea Brady.  Though Chelsea was happy to have Nick as a friend (and use him) she wasn’t initially interested in him. Nick used the name and photo of his handsome womanizing boss to try woo Chelsea online.  It backfired when Chelsea learned the truth and began dating his boss. 

 Nick and Chelsea eventually did develop a relationship beyond friendship it fell apart when Nick slept with Chelsea’s mother Billie. While Chelsea and Nick did become an item once Chelsea forgave him for sleeping with her mother, their relationship ended when Chelsea fell for Dr Daniel Jonas.

Nick eventually got over Chelsea and developed another “crush” like infatuation.  This time on Max Brady’s newly discovered sister, Melanie Layton.  Melanie too was happy to use Nick, but the tables turned on her when Nick took a bullet for her, developed a pain killer addiction, killed Melanie’s father (thought to be Trent Robbins) and let Melanie believe she had killed her father in order to keep her beholden to him.

The truth was eventually revealed and Nick was shipped off to a correctional facility to serve out a 2-4 year sentence for killing Trent.  That was in January 2009.  Nick could be up for parole and a return to Salem….


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