Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 7 May – 11 May 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia. Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in February 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…Bo and Carly call it quits, Rafe is kidnapped and Jennifer dies!

Monday May 7, 2012
  • EJ and Stefano switch an unconscious and hospitalized Rafe with an imposter.
  • Real Rafe is taken and held in a dungeon in the DiMera basement.
  • Stefano put the wheels in motion for Phase 2 of his plan while the imposter replaces the real Rafe.
  • Daniel stops Ben’s heart transplant when he realizes he is trafficking organs from the prison.
  • Daniel calls the police.
  • Jane is arrested.
  • Carly witnesses Bo and Hope bond.
  • Hope worries about going back to prison.
  • Carly worries about Jennifer.
  • Melanie arrives at the prison and calls Daniel to let her know the heart is Jennifer’s.
  • Jennifer is dead, Melanie tells her father.
  • Taylor gives Nicole a wedding gift.
  • Taylor is looking for a place to stay.
  • Nicole directs her to a hotel…
Tuesday May 8, 2012
  • Daniel rushes to the prison with Jennifer’s heart.
  • Melanie and Daniel perform surgery reattaching Jennifer’s heart.
  • Jennifer flat lines when she comes off the bypass machine.
  • Bo and Hope are almost drawn into a kiss.
  • They learn about Jennifer from Carly.
  • Bo confronts Ben and Lee about their organ sales.
  • Ben is shocked to learn it was Jennifer’s heart that Lee removed.
  • Ben tells Bo and Abe that he truly cares for Jennifer and is sorry she got involved.
  • Real Rafe awakens in his prison to find his captors are EJ and Stefano.
  • Real Rafe worries they’ve done something to Sami and vows to get back to her.
  • Sami meets Fake Rafe for the first time.  They kiss and Sami seems none the wiser.
  • Chad feels rebuffed when Stefano brushes him off to speak to EJ.
  • Lexie tells Chad that doesn’t sound like Stefano.
Wednesday May 9, 2012
  • Daniel gets Jennifer’s heart going and she is transferred to ICU at the hospital.
  • Melanie is in awe of her dads work.
  • Abe tells Bo and Carly they will soon be free to leave. 
  • Hope may not be so lucky however.
  • Carly tells Bo she won’t be going home with him when they are released.
  • She won’t stand between Bo and Hope, Carly tells Bo.
  • Carly wants a relationship like Bo and Hopes she tells Bo honestly.
  • Bo tells Roman he and Carly broke up and that all his energy will now go to freeing Hope.
  • Carly thanks Daniel for saving Jennifer’s life.
  • Maggie makes Victor promise not to kick Chloe when she’s down.
  • Victor is torn however when Kate visits ecstatic over the opportunity to take Parker away from Chloe.
  • Nicole finds Taylor and gives her money for a hotel and bus fare out of town.
  • Nicole rings her mother and tells Fay that Taylor is headed her way.
  • Taylor’s plans change however when she meets Lexie and Abe who offer her a room for the night
Thursday May 10, 2012
  • Fake Rafe and Johnny come home from the hospital.
  • Fake Rafe blames his blunders on his head injury.
  • Real Rafe tells EJ he knows his abduction has something to do with Johnny and Syney.
  • EJ goads him by saying that the family will be celebrating Sydney’s birthday and Johnny’s homecoming without him.
  • At the party Sami has a hard time watching Nicole play “step mommy” to her kids.
  • EJ and Sami remember Grace.
  • Fake Rafe demands more information about Rafe from EJ.
  • Maggie encourages Melanie to hear Nathan out.
  • Nathan declares his love for her and his willingness to be a father to her baby.
  • Melanie doesn’t feel she can trust him though.
  • Nathan is determined to change her mind.
  • Jennifer awakens as Doug, Julie and Maggie visit sharing memories.
  • Taylor bonds with Theo.
  • When her bus is cancelled, Lexie invites Taylor to stay another day.
Friday May 11, 2012
  • There is a party for Sydney’s birthday and Johnny’s homecoming.
  • Sami learns about Nicole’s tracking device bracelet.
  • Does she really want to marry a man who doesn’t trust her, Sami asks Nicole.
  • Back at the DiMera mansion EJ removes the tracking device, thanking Nicole for her loyalty.
  • EJ kisses Nicole.
  • In the basement prison, Rafe passes out.
  • Stefano revives him which makes Rafe why Stefano wants him alive.
  • At the Safe loft Sami starts getting frisky with Fake Rafe…
  • Gabi tells Will that Rafe isn’t behaving like himself.
  • Bo is released from jail.
  • Hope is surprised Bo and Carly broke up.
  • Justin takes Hopes case. 
  • Ciara visits with Hope.
  • At the hospital Carly tells Jennifer she and Bo broke up.
  • Jennifer and Carly promise to help each other through this difficult time in their lives.


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