Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 21 May – 25 May 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US during February 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…Rafe escapes, EJ and Taylor fantasize about each other, and Salem celebrates Valentine’s Day…

Monday May 21, 2012

  • Fake Rafe explodes when Sami calls him on getting Allie the wrong cookies
  • Fake Rafe goes to EJ telling him Real Rafe fed him wrong information
  • Sami confides in Kayla over Rafe’s behavior.
  • Dr Kayla advises Sami be patient with Rafe’s recovery
  • At home Fake Rafe seduces Sami with all her favorites and arranges for Real Rafe to listen.
  • Real Rafe grabs Marco, knocks him unconscious and starts to escape.
  • Nicole and EJ get closer.
  • Nicole doesn’t realize her intended is smitten from a love at first sight encounter – with Nicole’s sister!
  • Morale Taylor turns down a job offer from Brady because she feels he and Victor are corrupt.
  • Maggie tells Brady that betraying Victor was an awful thing to do.
  • Brady thinks it’s the best thing for Maggie and Victor’s relationship.
  • Meanwhile a melancholy Victor tells a photo of Isabella he’s responsible for how Brady turned out.
  • Caroline is released on probation by has to wear a monitoring device.
  • Kayla leaves for Africa to return to Steve.
  • Hope comes home to a Valentines celebration for her homecoming. (Doug and Julie appear!)
  • Bo and Hope start afresh…
Tuesday May 22, 2012
  • Real Rafe escapes and makes his way to Sami who is celebrating Valentines Day with Fake Rafe
  • Marco tells EJ the bad news but EJ knows where to find Real Rafe
  • EJ gives Nicole and engagement ring even though he can’t get Taylor and his scarf off his mind.
  • Taylor similarly fantasizes about her handsome stranger.
  • When Taylor comes to the mansion she just missed EJ.
  • Taylor tells Nicole about her mystery man.
  • Stefano and Kate celebrate Valentine’s Day at Chez Rouge, where Chad is applying for a job.
  • Stefano tries to connect with Chad.
  • Gabi and Will go on their first date…
  • In the woods Chad finds a ripped picture of Allie Fake Rafe has dropped.
  • Gabi tells Will Rafe has behaved strangely since the accident..
  • Will and Gabi share a Valentines kiss.
  • Melanie tells Philip she wants to give their relationship a second chance.
Wednesday May 23, 2012
  • Real Rafe spies Sami and Fake Rafe  making love.
  • Before he can intervene, one of EJ’s henchmen knocks him unconscious.
  • Real Rafe is locked back in the basement but his health takes a turn for the worse.
  • Sami learns from her neighbor that she saw Rafe being dragged down the hallway.
  • Taylor applies for a job at Chez Rouge.
  • Taylor takes a drunken Brady home.
  • Victor finds Maggie at Chez Rouge, alone, toasting her and Mickey’s Valentine’s Day anniversary.
  • Chad shows Will the ripped picture of Allie he found.
Thursday May 24, 2012
  • Sami’s neighbor is insistent about seeing Rafe dragged away down the corridor unconscious.
  • Even after Fake Rafe appears and assures her he’s fine.
  • Fake Rafe pummels Real Rafe to within inches of his life.
  • EJ promises him Real Rafe won’t get out again.
  • EJ says Allie will pay for Real Rafe’s antics.
  • Meanwhile Sami dreams that Allie is in danger.
  • EJ asks Chad to be his best man.
  • Jennifer watches Carly and Daniel interact and begins to match-make.
  • Jennifer arranges for Carly and Daniel to meet up at Chez Rouge.
  • Carly and Daniel realize what Jennifer has done and toast her.
Friday May 25, 2012
  • EJ reminds Fake Rafe he’s calling the shots, not him.
  • EJ and Fake Rafe cover when Nicole arrives, curious about their argument.
  • Johnny receives his prosthetic eye.
  • EJ can’t help but notice the bond between the twins.
  • Stefano and Fake Rafe plot Allie’s kidnapping.
  • Allie is wary or Fake Rafe.
  • Fake Rafe comes up with a new plan to make Allie disappear.
  • EJ tries to get Stefano to call off his plan for Allie.
  • Stefano won’t so EJ strongly recommends Kate have Lucas send for Allie.
  • Kate asks why but does as EJ asks anyway.
  • EJ and Taylor again nearly meet.
  • Chloe confesses to Philip what happened with Parker and her cookie baking.
  • Philip takes her to the hospital where Daniel thinks she has post-partum-depression.
  • Philip confides in Melanie what Chloe asking her to keep the secret.
  • Melanie tells Kate.
  • Chloe overhears Melanie saying Chloe shouldn’t be allowed to raise Parker.
  • Chloe argues with Melanie as Philip enters

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