The Bold and the Beautiful: Dani and Karen First Lesbian Kiss

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    Yesterday, Wednesday June 27, 2012, The Bold and the Beautiful aired its first lesbian kiss in its first gay storyline in its 25 year history.

    Days of our Lives allum, Crystal Chappell was cast as on the Bold and the Beautiful as Dani, Karen Spencers wife and Caroline Spencer’s other Mom first appearing on the Bold and the Beautiful midMay, 2012.

    Caroline Spencer has been vocal about disliking secrets and actively outted her parents to Thomas Forrester when she brought him home for dinner.

    Dani and Karen shared a kiss yesterday which served two purposes.  It gave an early indication that The Bold and the Beautiful was not going to treat this realtionship between two women any differently than the many heterosexual relationships the show also canvases.  But the kiss was more a kiss between loving long term partners, than the passionate clinches reserved for Steffy and Liam or Hope and Liam…

    The kiss also outted Karen and Dani to Katie Logan Spencer who walked in on the kiss wanting to know if the ladies wanted to barbeque for Bill’s return home.  Katie broke the ice by admitting the situation was awkward but lightened the mood by adding that she suspected that the two were in a relationship – Dani and Karen have been roommates for a very long time, and Caroline bears the name Spencer, Katie added.

    Katie offered to talk to Bill for Karen, but Karen decided it was something she needed to do herself.

    Karen’s hesitation in coming out to her brother, Bill Spencer Jr, surrounded her father’s reaction to her sexuality.  Karen had been forced to choose between the Spencer money and her job at Spencer Publications, and being open about her relationship.

    Karen fears her brother who shares many of his traits with Bill Spencer Snr, their father,  would react in much the same way.

    Karen tried to tell Bill the truth when he arrived back from Italy, but Bill was more interested in getting intimate with his wife, and told Dani, Karen’s pal and roommate to entertain Karen so that Bill could turn his full attention on his wife….Watch The Bold and The Beautiful next week to see Karen struggle to tell Bill the truth…


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