The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope and Liam Finally Marry in Italy

Hope and Liam Marry in Puglia, Italy overlooking Adriatic Sea

Well, it appears that all of you who voted that it would be Hope and Liam that married in Italy (in the Daytime Divas Poll on Hubpages) were correct!

Hope and Liam did marry in Italy – eventually.

After more manipulations by Bill Spencer and his trusty assistant Alison, Liam and Hope’s planned ceremony didn’t take place.
Bill sprung, Hope’s biological father, Deacon Sharpe from the slammer in Genoa City 6 years early so that Deacon could spring a surprise visit on his daughter just as she was due to head for the church.  Add to that a limo driver who was paid to leave Hope behind and you have groom, Liam feeling like he’d been left at the altar.

Hope of course did her damndest to get to the church on time riding in the gardener’s truck and when confronted with road blocks in the village (no doubt arranged by Bill and Allison) Hope ran up the hill to the church to find Liam gone.
Hope accepted Ridge’s offer to give her away

Liam, of course, when in search of his bride only to find a note he assumed to be from Hope, dumping him – again.

The unsigned note read:

“I love you.  But I can’t do this.  I’m sorry.  Goodbye.”

Liam wondered whether his father had been right about Hope all along….

Liam and Hope eventually did speak and she explained the chain of events that made her late to the church.  They rescheduled.  Steffy told Liam to forget everything that had happened (between them?) and told Liam to go marry Hope.

A tearful Steffy ran into Bill Spencer, slapped him, told him his interference was the reason her marriage failed and suggested he accept Hope into his family.  She had, Steffy told Bill as she ran off.

A contrite Bill took Steffy’s advice and before Hope and Liam exchanged vows welcomed a wary Hope to the Spencer family.

Hope and Liam on the cliff overlooking the Adriatic

Ridge gave Hope away, and Hope and Liam walked the streets of the village with the towns people following; a local tradition. On a cliff overlooking the Adriatic, Hope and Liam prepared to say their vows…

Before the vows are exchanged, Ridge affirms he feels nothing but joy at watching Hope and Liam wed and he is proud to have raised Hope into the poised elegant young woman she is. 

Brooke told Liam that if she could imagine a husband for her precious daughter, he would be it and welcomed LIam to the family.

Bill Spencer too took the opportunity to say a few words.  Bill apologized for his difficulty in accepting Hoep and Liam’s relationship.  He spent too much time worrying that Hope wasn’t worthy of the Spencer name and his family, but Bill admitted that it just may be the other way around.

Hope and Liam’s first kiss as a married couple

Hope and Liam exchanged their own vows centering around Hope checking surf reports and Liam not throwing out Hope’s fashion magazines, as well as the more traditional promises, as long as they both live.   Steffy watched  from a vantage point overlooking the Aegean sea as Liam and Hope had their first kiss as man and wife…
Rising to leave, Steffy lost her footing falling from her postition on the cliff into the Adriatic, yelling “Are you kidding me?”  as she came to the surface and struggled to shore.  Hope and Liam meanwhile celebrated and danced with the villagers.


  1. Hope and liam need to get married they deserve it!!!!!!!!!!! im 12 and i love this show as long as hope and liam get married and i want deacon sharp to get back with the family again!!!!!!!! :)))) LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XX

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