Days of our Lives Comings and Goings Summer 2012

News is a little scant on the comings side, but with an influx on characters old and new since last years reboot, that’s probably not that surprising.

At about this time last year, Days of our Lives executive producer, Ken Corday, said he was throwing everything but the kitchen sink onscreen in a bid to save  Days of our Lives (it’s on the air until September, 2013).  And he didn’t disappoint.

An influx of characters made their way back to Salem for one reason or another, and a few newbies made it to our screens as well.  The list is really quite impressive.  Remember this occurred over a 9 month period!

  • Jack Devereaux (Matthew Ashford)
  • John Black (Drake Hogestyn)
  • Marlena Evans Black (Deidre Hall)
  • Carrie Brady Reed (Christie Clarke)
  • Austin Reed (Patrick Muldoon)
  • Lucas Horton (Bryan Datillo)
  • Billie Reed (Lisa Rinna),
  • Celeste Perrault (Beverly Todd)
  • Cameron Davis (Schuyler Yancey)
  • Sarah Brown (Madison James)
  • Ian Buchanan (Ian McAllister)
Then there are the characters that have comeback for and appear every so often, notably Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans), Doug and Julie pop into town with more regularity (did they ever get back from investigation Alice Horton’s bank accounts in Africa?) and super sleuth ISA agent, Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughessy) even made a whirlwind trip to town.

Over the summer of 2012, however, we will be seeing quite a few from this list of recent returns/ arrivals leave Salem again.

Days of our Lives Goings:

Renee Jones (Lexie Carver)

Perhaps the biggest news on the comings and goings from for Spring 2012 was the announcement that Renee Jones would be retiring from acting and leaving the role of Lexie Carver behind her. Pleasingly, Lexie has been give an departure storyline rather than being the victim of an explosion and disappearing into one of Stefano’s tunnels.

Over the past months we have watched as Lexie was diagnosed with a brain tumor, come to some kind of peace over it to spend time with friends and family and execute on a bucket list.  Of course, this is a soap opera and there had to be some drama, so she also discovered that her father, Stefano is indirectly responsible for her condition.  The tumor that will take Lexie’s life on June 19, 2012 was caused by the noxious gases Lexie was exposed to while trapped in the aforementioned tunnels.

Lexie may pass away on June 19, but she will be seen onscreen as a spirit on June 20, 2012and her last air date is being reported as June 28, 2012.  Presumably, Lexie will float around as a ghost, or in flashbacks. Perhaps revealing her involvement in Stefano’s murder?

Christie Clarke (Carrie Brady Reed) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed)

Christie Clarke and Patrick Muldoon wrapped filming on the Days of our Lives set late in April, but will be seen on our TV screens until July 24, 2012.  Presumably they leave town together to prepare for the birth of their first child.  Of course, not all is as it should be.  Carrie is still in love with Rafe.  Even Kate has noticed Rafe and Carrie’s bond and warned her that their will be hell to pay if she hurts her son (Austin).

Rumors also persist that Carrie could be back, without a husband in tow.  Carrie has never been very lucky on the pregnancy front, even suffering a phantom pregnancy while married to Lucas.  So if she does come back, will she still be pregnant?  And if she does come back and isn’t pregnant, will Rafe still want her (Rafe seems to get involved with pregnant women with an alarming regularity:  Sami, Nicole, now Carrie).

Matthew Ashford (Jack Devereaux)

Jack Devereaux returned to Salem with a case of PSTD.  For a while he even had a romantic triangle going on with his ex-wife, Jennifer and Dr Dan, but that storyline just, well, ended. Since, Jack has apparently been busy writing a book about his experiences in Afghanistan. And it’s about to be published.  So will Jack’s departure involve a book tour?  Or could the rumor about him going into a coma after an explosive event be true?  (Rumor only!!!)  

Matthew Ashford’s (Jack Devereaux) last airdate is scheduled as August 15, 2012.  Though, like with Christie Clarke, after a vigorous campaign by fans to rehire Jack, rumors abound that Jack may indeed be back. 

Ian Buchanan (Ian McAllister) and Sarah Brown (Madison James)

Madison James came onto our screens in late September, 2011 and immediately became enamored with Brady Black, though resisted becoming involved with him.  On the night Brady proposed we learned it wasn’t because Madison didn’t like to mix business with pleasure that she had initially resisted Brady but because she was already MARRIED!  Her dashing husband, Ian, was in Madison’s hotel room when Brady came to get an answer to his proposal.

Recently Ian has drugged Brady raising concern that Brady may once again be succumbing to his addictions. 

Madison is due to leave Salem on August 15, 2012 and Ian is set for a late summer departure. Will they leave Salem together?  Or like me do you just not care.  I didn’t mind Madison – there were some good moments between her and Brady, but Ian I could have done without entirely. 

Rumors exist that Madison may be a victim, dying in some kind of explosive event designed to leave us on the edge of our seats during the 2 week London Olympics hiatus.

Molly Burnett (Melanie Jonas)

Molly Burnett’s contract expired in June 2012 and she wrapped filming on June 13. 2012.  Days of our Lives tapes up to 3 months ahead so Melanie Jonas will be seen on our screens for a while yet.  Will she be spending all that time in a basement prison, confined by Gabi’s paid-to stalk, stalker, Andrew?  This one sounds like crazy Jan Spear’s plot when she kept Shawn Brady Jr. locked up in a bedroom prison.

The easy out for Melanie would be to have her join Carly and Nicholas on their worldwide adventures.  After what Melanie has been through in Salem she just may flee back to Paris, which is where Max Brady found his presumed half sister.
Days of our Lives Comings

Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie)
Doug and Julie return to our screens and Salem during July and August.  Hopefully they have news from Africa about Alice’s bank accounts.

Blake Berris (Nick Fallon)

Nick’s return has been reported across the internet, but little in the way of spoilers or details exist…stay tuned

Eric Brady Recast

News reports also indicate that Days of our Lives is looking to recast the role of Eric Brady.  Eric, Sami’s twin has been living in Colorado since he left Salem, and is a former beau or Nicole’s.


  1. I really hate what the writers did to the character of Chloe! She was a great character and they turned her into a desperate fool. Why did it never come out that Vibian set chloe up to think Daniel and Carly were having an affair? Why did they have chloe suddenly turn so desperate? I hope she returns ( rumour is she leaves parker with Daniel) I hope she returns, finds love with someone else and gets Parker back!! Fix this story line PLEASE DAYS WRITERS!!

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