Lexie Carver Dies…

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On June 19, 2012 after a day spend relaxing in the garden with her husband, Abe, Lexie Carver quietly passed away while napping in his arms.  As far as soap opera deaths go, it was a peaceful one.

Lexie Carver’s spirit will return on June 20, 2012 to farewell her friends and family.  Renee Jones’ last airdate is reportedly June 28, 2012, so we will either see more of her spirit, or in flash back scenes.

Abe and Lexie enjoy what is to be her last day in their garden reminiscing.
Abe and Lexie discuss happy times with Theo playing softball in the garden.

Abe shares his concern about raising Theo on his own and Lexie reassures her husband. Abe tells her he’d like to renew their vows.  Lexie is touched and tells him that is the most romantic thing he has ever said.

Lexie wants to stay outside until it gets dark and the stars come out but, Lexie passes away quietly while napping in her husbands arms before that happens.

Abe tries to wake Lexie and realizes she has passed away.  The peace of the day turns to grief.


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