Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 11 June – 15 June 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US during February 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…EJ and Taylor continue to fight their attraction, things get worse between Sami and Fake Rafe, Justin proposes to Adrienne, Jennifer and Daniel bond while Carly falls apart, and Victor kisses Maggie after she admits she loves him.

Monday June 11, 2012

EJ learns Taylor took a job at Titan

EJ believes Brady will use Taylor to get to Nicole.
Taylor tells EJ to get over himself.
But tempers give rise to something else.
Daniel advises Nathan to back off and give Melanie some space.
Melanie confides in Carly.
Melanie tells Nathan she is moving on without him or Philip.
Nathan begs for her to reconsider and tells her he won’t give up.
Hope is at a lose end with her career as a cop over.
Carly has a hard time seeing Bo with Hope.
Hope thanks Carly.
Hope helps Bo with a case.
Abigail encourages her mother to go after Daniel.
Jennifer isn’t sure Jack is out of the picture yet.
And Jennifer wants to play matchmaker for Daniel and Carly.
Kate suggests Chad build a relationship with his father, but Chad isn’t so sure.
Will introduces Gabi to Abigail.
Abigail admits she’s met a guy in Salem but he was a jerk.
Later Abby discovers the jerk is Will and Gabi’s friend.

Tuesday June 12, 2012
EJ wants to get Taylor out of Salem so he can forget her

Fay arrives in Salem – she has a potentially fatal heart condition
Nicole decides Fay and Taylor are moving into the mansion and tells EJ so.
Jennifer fumes when Jack is blogging again but still has shown no concern for her health.
Jennifer leaves a message for Jack telling him he ripped her heart out.
Victor and Brady argue when Victor almost gets control of Titan back from Brady.
Maggie intervenes and Victor asks why she’s so concerned
Because she wants to help those she loves, Maggie blurts out.
Abby realizes she’s misjudged Chad.
Chad and Abigail get on for a while – Until T drops the bombshell that Chad is a DiMera
Meanwhile Will and Gabi are being watched.
Someone steals the earrings Will gave her, but regrets he had to do it.
Gabi discovers her earrings are missing.

Wednesday June 13, 2012
Nicole convinces EJ to let Taylor move in when he believes it’s a bad idea.

EJ and Taylor decide they need to get past their “awkwardness”
Sami and Fake Rafe argue when she learns he isn’t excited about going back to work.
Sami leaves and gets a pep talk from Hope.
It works Sami is determined to save her marriage.
Hope drops the kids off with Fake Rafe.
Where is the real Rafe? Nicole wants to know when Rafe is friendly.
Meanwhile Stefano tests the Real Rafe’s memory…
When pressed, Maggie admits she has feeling for him, but can’t act on them.
Victor kisses Maggie then has her leave until she is ready to talk.
Chloe learns Philips marriage to Melanie is over.
Philip and Chloe agree to do what is best for Parker.
Justin and Adrienne thank Hope for her part in their reconciliation.
Justin proposes and Adrienne accepts!

Thursday June 14, 2012
Vivian wants Stefano’s assistance in her schemes.

Gus eavesdrops and overhears Stefano discussing Rafe.
Gus and Vivian wonder what it all means.
Kate asks Stefano what is going on in the basement and Stefano is evasive.
Real Rafe has a seizure.
Stefano is assured Real Rafe’s memory is gone.
Will realizes his mother is concerned about Rafe.
Nicole likes the new Rafe better.
Sami overhears Fake Rafe giving Johnny some bad advice about school bullies.
A young man sells Gabi’s earrings at a pawn shop.
EJ admits to Taylor how much he feels for her.
Taylor decides she can’t live there.
Nicole tells the two to work out their issues.
Taylor stays – for Nicki and Fay.

Friday June 15, 2012

Fake Rafe tells Sami the kid needs to fight to protect himself.  img
Sami disagrees.
Back at work Fake Rafe looks up his rap sheet and we see a photo of him prior to his makeover.
Daniel sees how much Carly is hurt over her split with Bo.
Daniel chews Bo out and Bo tells Daniel he’s right.
Adrienne visits Jennifer and tell her she and Justin are engaged.
Jennifer is upset over Jack.
Later, Jennifer and Daniel have fun playing darts.
Melanie is happy with her decision to see neither Philip nor Nathan.
Nathan however is more determined than ever to win back Melanie.
He goes to see Melanie but Carly makes is clear he’s not welcome.
Gabi thinks Kinsey stole her earrings when Kinsey turns up at Java wearing the earrings.
Bo intervenes to stop the girls fighting.
Kinsey explains she bought the earring from a pawn shop.
Will and Gabi go investigating.
They see the surveillance video from the pawnshop.
Gabi knows the thief!
Meanwhile the thief spots Melanie at the peir and the necklace she’s wearing that Carly just gave her…


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