Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 18 June – 22 June 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US during February 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…EJ and Taylor kiss, Nathan heads out of town, Jennifer divorces Jack and meet Dario Hernandez!

Monday June 18, 2012
  • Brady convinces Sami that Johnny probably misunderstood Rafe’s advice about fighting.
  • Sami is reassured until Johnny demonstrates the boxing lessons Rafe gave him.
  • Sami goes to have it out with Rafe.
  • Sami learns from Caroline that Rafe is avoiding her.
  • The thief tries to steal Melanie’s necklace (the one Carly gave her) but Melanie is wise to his moves.
  • As Melanie and the Thief struggle, Brady arrives to help.
  • Melanie and Brady take the thief to the police station.
  • Will and Gabi arrive at the police station to show Rafe the surveillance footage The Thief recognizes Rafe, but Fake Rafe is caught unawares.  He doesn’t know him!
  • Gabi shows up and calls out the Thief’s name – Dario.
  • Sami arrives
  • The caring in Melanie and Brady’s friendship is evident after her ordeal with the Theif.
  • Lexie questions the wisdom of Taylor moving into the mansion given how she and EJ feel about each other.
  • Taylor tells Lexie she has to do if for her mother and sister.
  • EJ wants the Real Rafe moved from the basement.
  • Stefano understands EJ’s hurry when he learns Taylor and Fay are moving in.
  • Stefano makes arrangements to move Real Rafe.
  • Kate wants to know why EJ suggested she send Allie to Lucas.
  • EJ covers but Kate remains suspicious.
Tuesday June 19, 2012
  • Fake Rafe puts two and two together and realizes the earring thief is his brother.
  • Fake Rafe covers but Stefano recalls him for a crash course in Rafe’s life.
  • Fake Rafe tells Gabi he can’t help and Melanie that charges will be pressed.
  • Dario and Sami suddenly recognize the “old” Rafe.
  • Real Rafe’s belongings are removed except for the safe house key – the only link to his old life.
  • The sexual tension builds between Taylor and EJ as they try to live together and deny their attraction.
  • Brady and Melanie bond.
  • Philip comforts Chloe when Daniel tells Chloe he’s filing for divorce.
Wednesday June 20, 2012
  • Alone in the mansion Taylor and EJ kiss!
  • Fake Rafe confides in Stefano that he thinks Dario is on to him.
  • Justin gets Dario released angering Melanie.
  • Gabi suggests Dario stay with Rafe.
  • Fake Rafe tries not to panic at the suggestion.
  • Jennifer files for divorce from Jack
  • Abigail doesn’t let her mother see how upset she really is.
  • Chad provides support for Abigail.
  • Daniel and Jennifer receive each other’s divorce papers
  • They confide in each other since they are going through the same process.
  • Daniel takes off his wedding ring.
Thursday June 21, 2012
  • Taylor breaks the kiss and slaps EJ.
  • Nicole arrives and notices the tension between them.
  • EJ and Taylor lie to Nicole.
  • Nicole calls Brandon and lies to her brother about Taylor
  • EJ apologizes to Taylor assuring her it won’t happen again.
  • Fake Rafe tries to use Sami and the kids as the reason for not helping Dario.
  • Fake Rafe suggests to EJ they “get rid of” Dario.
  • EJ says no.
  • Meanwhile, Sami asks Dario to move in with them.
  • Rafe has a hissy fit.
  • Melanie tells Nathan again they are over.
  • Daniel is firm about Nathan moving on too.
  • Nathan makes enquiries about John Hopkins and the position he was offered.
  • Justin and Adrienne plan their wedding.
Friday June 22, 2012
  • After his outburst Sami tells Rafe she doesn’t think they can continue their relationship.
  • Fake Rafe pretends to pass out and is taken to hospital.
  • Sami apologizes for putting Rafe on edge.
  • Fake Rafe doesn’t remember Carly when she examines him.
  • Carly feels something isn’t right.
  • Stefano arrives to hear Sami tell Carly it’s like the man in the exam room isn’t “her” Rafe.
  • Melanie and Dario argue.
  • He dumps water on her.
  • She wants to know why he steals.
  • Dario explains he needs it to hire private investigators to find out who killed Arianna.
  • Dario blasts Melanie when he learns Arianna was her best friend, for not seeing to it that her killer was brought to justice.
  • Maggie encourages Nathan to take the job at John Hopkins.
  • Stephanie apologizes to Nathan.  She knows she’s partly the reason he wants to leave.
  • Vivian receives no sympathy from Carly when Vivian tells her about her entombment at the mausoleum.
  • Vivian goads her over Bo dumping her.
  • Carly retorts that at least she has people in her life that love her – unlike Viv.
  • Vivian and Kate bicker.
  • Vivian vows to find out what Stefano is up to and use it to oust Kate.


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