Days of our Lives: Olympics Cliffhanger Spoilers…

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There is good news and bad news for Days of our Lives fans this week.  First the bad news.  At the end of the week, on July 27, 2012, Days of our Lives goes on hiatus for two weeks while NBC telecasts their London Olympics coverage.

The good news however, is that episodes of Days of our Lives screening this week were penned by the new Tomlin and Whitesell writing team.  So not only do the new writers want to leave fans on the edge of their seats for the two week break, but they are positioning their new storylines.
So what predicaments do the folks of Salem find themselves in?

Lucas demands Sami choose between him and EJ…

Will and Sami, for the first time in months, find themselves on the same side, in trying to keep EJ out of prison.  Their efforts are unsuccessful however when Roman turns up at the mansion and arrests EJ, after Lucas reveals that EJ is not Stefano’s son. 
Lucas is surprised to find Sami with EJ again.  Sami covers by slapping EJ and yelling at him for Not telling her he isn’t Stefano’s son.  A jealous Lucas tellsSami to choose between him and EJ once and for all.

The video is deleted!

EJ orders Will to get hold of the video tape showing that the black gloves EJ disposed of in the dumpster were retrieved.  Will enlists Sonny’s help, but the pair discover that the footage has been deleted.  (Ian deleted it).

Sami posts EJ’s bail and Sami’s life is put in jeopardy

Sami suggests EJ get out of Salem.  Roman gets wind of EJ planning to leave on the DiMera jet and goes looking for EJ.  He finds him with Sami and shoots.  Sami steps I front of EJ.  Does Sami take a bullet? Or does an exlposion that rocks Salem injured her?
Either way, EJ works furiously to save Sami’s life.

Melanie manages to call Chad

Melanie gets hold of her kidnapper’s cell phone and calls Chad.  Chad has difficulty understanding Melanie. Andrew destroys the cell phone when he realizes what Melanie has done.
Meanwhile above ground Bo and Hope learn the kidnapper is a former patient for a mental health facility.  Chad works out Melanie is in the tunnels and he and Brady go looking for her.

An explosion! Or two…

Gabi’s involvement with Andrew is about to be exposed. Though Gabi claims not to know Andrew, her fingerprints are found on Andrew’s note, and when Gabi locates Melanie in the tunnels it is clear to Melanie that Gabi and Andrew know each other…
As explosions rock the tunnels, Chad locates Melanie.  While searching for Mel, Brady misses his wedding to Madison…

Ian taunts Madison

When Brady appears to be a no show for his wedding, Ian taunts Madison that Brady will never marry her.  Ian is with Madison when the explosions hit and the bride to be is tossed to the ground in her wedding dress. Given Sarah brown’s final Days of our Lives air date is merely days after new episodes of days of our lives resume after the olympics, can we assume Madison is a casualty of the explosions?  Either way, Madison Eaves Salem with Ian departing shortly thereafter.

Victor tells off Daniel.

Victor makes his thought known to Daniel about his involve,emit with Nicole.  Maggie is unimpressed. Y Victor’s behavior.   Meanwhile, as the explosions hit, Nicole suffers cramping.  Having Nicole lose another baby would surely be too cruel, but is she far enough through her pregnancy to deliver?  If anyone can save Nicole’s baby it’s Dr. Dan…

Lexie Carver Autism Fundraiser

Salem’s residents are all dressed up for the fundraiser in support of Autism that Abe has organized in Lexie’s honor.  Whe the explosion hits guests are thrown through the air and to the ground as glass shatters all around them.  Guests include Bo and Hope, Doug and Julie, John and Marlena….amongst others.
New episodes of Days of our Lives resume on NBC on August 13, 2012′ after the end of the London Olympics.
Good  news for Australian viewers though.  Due to timezones, despite Channel Nine carrying London Olympics coverage, Days of our Lives will continue to be seen at its usual time. 


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