Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 23 July – 27 July 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US during.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…See Taylor go to Chicago as Natalia Livingston and arrive back in Salem as Tamara Braun

 Monday July 23, 2012

  • Fay’s funeral ends and Nicole continues to worry about what EJ is hiding
  • Nicole learns Rafe has left town.
  • EJ and Taylor fight their feelings for each on the way to Fay’s burial.
  • Taylor tells EJ she’s moving out – yet again.
  • Their argument ends when the limo runs off the road.
  • Vivian provides support for Stefano over Theo’s disappearance.
  • Stefano isn’t fooled.
  • Gus gets the DNA results from the DiMera basement.
  • Only one person’s DNA can’t be accounted for – but they don’t know who’s it is.
  • Fake Rafe quits the force when Roman won’t give him a leave of absence.
  • Fake Rafe ignores Stefano’s orders to deal with Troy who is out of prison and demanding money.
  • Thinking its too dangerous, Dario asks Melanie to drop the reward.
  • Melanie won’t, and heads home unaware that the killer is waiting for her…
  • Chloe drunk dials Kate and abuses her.
  • Kate records the conversation and plays it to Philip who has been trying to get Chloe’s access to Parker restored.

Tuesday July 24, 2012

  • Nicole reads the letter Taylor wrote to Fay and wonders why Fay would have been disappointed in Taylor.
  • EJ comes to in the limo and seeing Taylor unresponsive worries she’s dead.
  • Taylor is fine however but the two are trapped in the limo.
  • The driver goes for help, EJ and Taylor kiss, and Nicole arrives at the crash site!
  • Arianna’s killer attacks Melanie and is about to kill her.
  • Dario burst in and saves Melanie.
  • Melanie rushes into Dario’s arms.
  • Melanie recognizes the killer (Troy)
  • After hearing Chloe threaten to run away with Parker on the recording, Philip realizes Chloe isn’t ready to be Parker’s mother.
  • Philip decides to leave Salem with his son.
  • Chloe says an emotional farewell to Parker.
  • Kate farewells her son also.
  • Victor throws Chloe out of the mansion.

Wednesday July 25, 2012

  • Nicole can’t get close enough to the limo to see what is happening inside.
  • She begs EJ to look after Taylor.
  • Taylor and EJ feel guilt over what they are doing to Nicole.
  • At the hospital Nicole asks Taylor about her letter to Fay.
  • EJ tells Taylor he has a plan.
  • A newly married Justin and Adrienne witness Jennifer and Daniels budding feelings.
  • Adreienne tells Jennifer to let herself be with Daniel.
  • Daniel tells Justin he doesn’t think Jennifer returns his feelings.
  • Bo investigates a possible sighting of Ciara.
  • Carly steals the wrong drugs making her respond strangely to Ciara’s disappearance.
  • Daniel and Jennifer arrive to witness Carly’s emotional response.
  • Daniel takes Carly away and Carly kisses him!
  • Jennifer witnesses.
  • Justin and Adrienne are there for Bo and Hope when the sighting of Ciara is a false lead.

Thursday July 26, 2012

  • Dario is jealous when he sees Brady hug Melanie.
  • Brady goes after Dario.
  • Melanie defends Dario.
  • Dario warns Melanie Brady will break her heart like he did Arianna’s.
  • Brady recognizes Troy in the hospital and the drug dealer Arianna busted.
  • Brady moves Melanie into the Kiriakis mansion for her protection.
  • Daniel thanks Dario for saving Melanie’s life.
  • Imposter Rafe continues to wait for his car to fixed and picks up a hot girl – Alicia.
  • He takes her to the loft where they have sex (Sami is out of town).
  • Real Rafe steals craft supplies from his classes and dyes his scrubs to the same color as the orderly’s wear.
  • Real Rafe escapes from the asylum.
  • He hopes the key he carries will be the secret to his identity.
  • Victor and Maggie bond over Ciara’s disappearance.
  • Maggie admits they are a couple and they kiss.
  • Kate drives an emotional Chloe to the edge and she breaks down at the pier.
  • Kate and Victor commiserate about Chloe driving Philip and Parker out of town.
  • Maggie finds Chloe at the pier and offers her a place to stay.
  • Victor meanwhile tells Kate that any friend of Chloe’s is an enemy of his…

Friday July 27, 2012

  • An emotional Lexie Blames Hope for this kids’ disappearance.
  • Abe tells them a neighbor save the kids near a gardener’s truck.
  • They believe the kids are in Centerville.
  • A runaway named Leah gives Ciara and Theo food.
  • Ciara gives her a necklace in return.
  • Later Leah runs from a cop and drops the necklace.
  • Dario discovers Rafe and Alicia at the loft.
  • Dario blast Rafe for cheating on Sami and being indifferent about Arianna’s killer being caught.
  • Gabi learns about Troy’s capture and asks Dario if that means he is now leaving town.
  • Fake Rafe gets a flat tire leaving town.
  • Real Rafe is surrounded by asylum security guards.
  • Victor learns Chloe is staying at Maggie’s and tells her that she won’t see him while that is the case.
  • Maggie is fine with that.
  • Back at the mansion Victor tells Brady and Melanie about Chloe’s new living arrangements.
  • Melanie leaves and find’s Chloe and lays into her.
  • Maggie finds Melanie mid rant and tells her to stop!

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