After the Tunnel Explosion DAYSaster: Who Lives and Who Dies? (Spoilers!)

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A new promo, reminding us of what happened when Days of our Lives went off the air for a 2 week break while NBC telecast the 2012 London Olympics, and hinting at what is to come when new episodes of Days resume on August 13, 2012 has been released.

For those of you who have forgotten where our favorite Salem citizens were when DAYSaster struck in the form of an underground tunnel explosion read the recap.

Days of our Lives viewers who have watched the cast interviews below, already know that there will be casualties – some of which will be shocking, but who will it be?

Onto what happens after the explosion!  The following contains spoilers with a dash of speculation. If you don’t want to know what happens next, click away now!

Abigail, Cameron, Jennifer and Jack

When the explosion occurred Abigail was in the elevator and hound dog Cameron was fetching her scarf….

Abigail is stuck in the elevator as the cable holding it up threatens to break.  Outside the elevator, Jack, Jennifer and Cameron work to rescue Abby.  The gents pry the doors to the elevator open and Jack makes it inside.

Inside the elevator Jack experiences PTSD issues with claustrophobia no doubt triggered by his experience being held captive in a cave in Afghanistan.

Abby is eventually extracted from the elevator and in the effort Jack is thrown back inside.  As the doors to the elevator close, the elevator cable appears to give way as another explosion hits.  Jack turns to face his family and hurriedly shouts out, “I love you” as the doors to the elevator slam shut, the cable breaks and the elevator hurtles downward…

Matthew Ashford’s final airdate is Wednesday August, 15, 2012.  Just two days after the return of Days of our Lives.  Spoilers have Jack and Madison’s storylines merging briefly before both actors leave the show.   Madison reportedly is one of the casualties of the disaster.  Could jack receive an organ donation from Madison? Dr Dan is also reported to comfort Jennifer…

Dr Dan and Nicole

Despite being convinced by Bo and Hope to turn up at the Fundraiser Gala in honor of Lexie Carver and Autism, Daniel wanted to leave immediately.  Nicole tried to be there for Daniel, but was disappointed by Daniel’s response.  All Daniel wanted to do was go find his daughter, not eat, drink or receive comfort from Nicole.

Daniel went into the fundraiser to find Brady and Madison to pass on his apologies.  Instead he learned from Victor and Maggie that Brady had been a no-show and the wedding was off.  Daniel crossed the room to where a sad looking Nicole was sitting to take her home before heading back out to look for Melanie.

Nicole, however, in a quiet corner suffering from cramping when the explosion rocked the ballroom.

Daniel tries to make his way to Nicole who yells at Daniel to lookout as the roof collapses sending a chandelier crashing to the ground.  Under the debris, Nicole continues to suffer from cramping and tells Daniel she thinks she’s going into labor.

Daniel and Bo make their way through the debris to find Nicole.  But she’s missing!  She is later found wandering through the Town Square in a daze.  Dan saves Nicole’s baby by stopping her premature labor.

Daniel makes a decision about his relationship with Nicole.  He admits to Maggie that he was using Nicole.  But before Daniel can let Nicole down easily, Nicole who has been daydreaming about a life with Dr Dan interrupts determined that Dan is the man for her.

Unfortunately Daniel wants to be with someone else…

The good news here is that Nicole’s baby survives the DAYSaster.  I’m not sure Nicole, with her prior inability to carry a baby to term, could take the loss of another child.  Losing Daniel?  Nicole will survive that, especially when Eric Brady rocks back into town come November…

Ian, Madison and Kate

Ian professes his love to a dying Madison admitting he only used Kate to infiltrate the DiMeras.  Ian tells Madison she is the love of his life, not Kate.  Madison tells Ian that Brady is the love of her life though.  Madison dies, but Kate has overheard the entire conversation!

Ian later admits to Kate that he “got rid of” Stefano.  Ian also manages to get EJ right where he wants him…

Melanie and Brady, Chad, Gabi and Andrew

Melanie and Brady are caught by the tunnel cave in triggered by the explosions.  Melanie uses her medical skills to revive and unconscious Brady. Chad and Gabi arrive just as Brady and Melanie share a hug.

Meanwhile, loony Andrew escapes.  Can Gabi keep her involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping a secret?  For a while, maybe.  Until Andrew is brought into the hospital…

Once out of the tunnels however, Brady is struck by grief when he learns of Madison’s death, from Kate.John assures Brady that Madison loved him, but Brady suffers incredible guilt of having let Madison down when she needed him, and missing their wedding.

Brady isn’t alone for long though as spoilers indicate a Brady and Abigail pairing!  Could grief bring these two together?

EJ and Sami

An injured Roman and Lucas are brought to the Brady Pub for medical care.  Kayla and Will have set up a triage center there.

EJ tries to hang onto Sami, but they both realize only one of them will make it out alive. They argue about what would be best for their children.  Fortunately the argument is for nought because Will arrives and saves them both.

EJ and Sami kiss!

Later, Lucas learns what happened at the warehouse and declares he is done with Sami.  Kate has had a bad week, but is happy to hear this news!

Sami and Rafe share a moment too, but Rafe is in cop mode and handcuffs her!


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