Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 6 August – 10 August 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US during May 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…Jennifer and Daniel’s first date ends in a kiss, but not before some drama, Chloe gets paid for her skills – but not for singing, Sami, Fake Rafe and Real Rafe all meet at the safehouse!

Monday August 6, 2012

  • Rafe admits to sleeping with another woman.
  • Sami throws Rafe out of her life.
  • Fake Rafe happily packs.
  • Sami confides in grandma Caroline that the Rafe she married is never coming back.
  • Stefano orders Fake Rafe out of town.
  • Real Rafe awakens in a convent that seems strangely familiar.
  • EJ tells Stefano he’s divorcing Nicole.
  • Stefano thinks it’s a mistake.
  • Nicole stays mum about her knowledge that Stefano and EJ held Rafe in the basement cell.
  • Taylor is finally convinced that Nicole will be happier without EJ.
  • But Nicole spends time with Sydney and realizes she can’t lose the little girl from her life.
  • EJ asks Nicole for a divorce.
  • Brady and Melanie have drinks at the Cheatin Heart – where Dario works.
  • Brady and Dario reach an understanding.
  • When Brady and Mel leave, Melanie leaves behind her sweater.
  • The garment makes Dario fantasize about kissing Melanie.

Tuesday August 7, 2012

  • Taylor tells Lexie that EJ is asking Nicole for a divorce as they speak.
  • Lexie and Taylor agree it is for the best.
  • When told that EJ wants a divorce Nicole stays silent about knowing about EJ and Taylor
  • Nicole doesn’t want a divorce.
  • But EJ is resolute – he wants out of their marriage.
  • Then Nicole plays her trump card – the DNA evidence and tells EJ that she knows he kept Rafe locked up in the basement.
  • EJ realizes Nicole is unaware of the imposter.
  • Taylor enters and Nicole tells her sister she and EJ have an announcement to make.
  • Caroline suggests Sami get closure on her relationship with Rafe.
  • Looking at the safe house key, Sami agrees.
  • Fake Rafe is about to leave town but is missing the ATM card Stefano gave him.
  • It contains not only money, but bears his real name  – Javier.
  • After his fever break Real Rafe tells Sister Rose, the nun caring for him, that he thinks he’s been to the Convent of the Holy Cross.
  • Stefano’s soft spot for family is on show as he reunites with Theo.
Wednesday August 8, 2012
  • Desperate to find his bankcard fake Rafe heads to the safe house.
  • His only problem?  He doesn’t know where it is!
  • Abby helps Jennifer , who has been looking particularly matronly lately, get ready for her date with Daniel.
  • Daniel cooks for Jennifer.
  • Jennifer begins to eat but starts to gasp for air!
  • Victor and Maggie continue to argue over Maggie giving Chloe a place to stay.
  • Chloe overhears and Maggie breaks down in tears when Victor storms off.
  • Later, a handsome foreigner, Quinn, buys Chloe a drink at the Cheatin heart.
  • Chad receives his last paycheck from Adrienne at the Cheatin heart before starting a new job at DiMera Enterprises.
  • Chad and Stefano make inroads on their relationship.
  • Dario asks Melanie out for coffee.

Thursday August 9, 2012

  • At the safe house a sad Sami reminisces over her relationship with Rafe.
  • Sister Rose takes Real Rafe to see Sister Barbara at the Convent of the Holy Cross.
  • Sister Barbara doesn’t know him, but shows him the living quarters across the road when Real Rafe asks about his key.
  • Will rings Roman for Fake Rafe to get the address of the safe house.
  • Gabi is frightened by her brother.
  • Will gives Fake Rafe the address for the convent…
  • Sister Barbara is surprised to see Rafe back so soon.
  • Meanwhile the Real Rafe hears a woman crying and enters the apartment with his key.
  • He comes face to face with Sami!
  • Taylor is stunned when Nicole announces she and EJ are going on a honeymoon.
  • EJ is unable to tell Taylor his is being blackmailed.
  • Nicole tells EJ she may not be in love with him anymore, but she does love his kids.
  • EJ tries to buy his freedom by promising Nicole visitation rights with Johnny and Sydney but Nicole doesn’t bite.
  • Nicole runs into Lexie later, who is surprised that she and EJ are not breaking up.
  • Meanwhile EJ is unable to offer Taylor any explanation.
  • Taylor yells.
  • Later, with her bags packed, Taylor witnesses a family moment between EJ, Nicole, Sydney and Johnny and FINALLY leaves the DiMera mansion.

Friday August 10, 2012

  • Sister Barbara is suspicious of “Rafe’s” change in demeanor and his change in appearance.
  • Fake Rafe puts together that the real Rafe must have been there moments ago and spins a story about a twin brother.
  • At the safe house Sami lays into Real Rafe.
  • Real Rafe is confused, Sami gets angrier and doesn’t believe his story about being held captive and escaping.
  • When Real Rafe grabs her arm though, Sami feels something between her and rafe she hasn’t felt since before the accident – chemistry!
  • But burned, Sami opens the apartment door to throw Real Rafe out only to find another Rafe behind the door.
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