Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 13 August – 17 August 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US during May 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…Victor and Maggie break up?  Rafe regains his memory!  Nicole enjoys having the upper hand over EJ.  Melanie fights her feelings for Dario, while Carly has to become creative to feed her drug addiction.

Monday August 13, 2012

  • When Sami, Fake Rafe and Real Rafe come face to face, Sami and Real Rafe are floored.
  • Fake Rafe goes into damage control mode.  Is his story believable?
  • Fake Rafe accuses Real Rafe of being the imposter.
  • Fake Rafe prepares to shoot Real Rafe.
  • Real Rafe swears he doesn’t know what Fake Rafe is talking about.
  • Sami is confused.
  • Sami is knocked unconscious when Real Rafe attacks Fake Rafe.
  • Fake Rafe’s gun goes skidding across the floor.
  • Sami comes to and grabs the gun pointing it at the two fighting Rafe’s.
  • Both Rafe’s try convince Sami to shoot the other.
  • Sami shoots. Did she shoot the right man?
  • EJ tells Stefano he’s staying with Nicole, but “forgets” the part about Nicole blackmailing him.
  • Taylor goes to see EJ.
  • Nicole runs into Stefano.
  • Daniel and Jennifer break up the fight between their daughters.
  • Melanie admits that she kind of wanted her parents to be together.
  • Abby tells Jennifer much the same.
  • Abby and Melanie apologize to each other.
  • Daniel and Jennifer plan another date.
  • Chloe doesn’t feel good about the money Quinn left her for sleeping with him.
  • Brady sees Chloe with the money.
  • Chloe tells Brady she’s getting her own place.
  • Brady realizes Maggie’s relationship with Victor is part of the reason Chloe is leaving Maggie’s.

Tuesday August 14, 2012

  • When EJ won’t tell Taylor why they can’t be together, Taylor says she’s leaving and tells EJ not to hurt Nicole.
  • While talking to Stefano, Nicole realizes he doesn’t know what she has over EJ, or that she is blackmailing him.
  • EJ tells Nicole he hates her for what she has done.
  • When Lexie drops by and reprimands EJ for the pain he has caused Taylor, she realizes Nicole is blackmailing her brother.
  • EJ makes Lexie promise not to tell Taylor about the blackmail.
  • Taylor goes to the Cheatin’ Heart where she runs into Brady.
  • Brady and Taylor hug.  Taylor wishes things could have turned out for Nicole and Brady.
  • Nicole sees the embrace and becomes jealous.
  • Chloe tells Maggie she’s moving out – its best for everyone.
  • When Brady tells Vic Chloe is leaving, Vic mistakenly assumes Maggie threw her out.
  • Victor heads to Maggie’s to get back in her good books by pretending to be okay with Chloe living there.
  • Maggie sees through Victor, making Victor wonder where he stands with Maggie now.
  • Chloe realizes she may need to spend Quinn’s money

Wednesday August 15, 2012

  • Real Rafe knocks out Fake Rafe when he goes after the gun.
  • Real Rafe asks Sami how she knew he was the Real Rafe.
  • Sami just did, she explains.
  • Real Rafe wants to call the police, but Sami stops him.
  • EJ has her kids and might vanish with them if he realizes he’s been found out.
  • Sami calls EJ and tells him she’s out of town thinking about her divorce from Rafe.
  • EJ is pleased.
  • Sami hangs up and upset goes into a tirade about how much she hates EJ.
  • Real Rafe comforts her.
  • Sami kisses him thinking it might trigger his memory.
  • Lexie delivers a note to Taylor from EJ.
  • The note simply says “I will always love you.”
  • Nicole slips into bed with EJ using the kids as her excuse.
  • Maggie tells Victor that they shouldn’t be together, crushing Vic.
  • He’s willing to change, Victor tells the redhead, but he’s not sure he can.
  • Victor believes their relationship is over.

Thursday August 16, 2012

  • Sami’s kiss doesn’t restore Rafe’s memory.
  • Rafe collapses after the exertion of dealing with Fake Rafe and his fever returns.
  • Sami nurses him recalling how they first met – Rafe remembers!
  • New rules around drugs dispensing at the hospital prevent drug addict Carly from stealing more drugs.
  • Jennifer telling Carly how well things are going with Daniel pushes Carly over the edge.
  • She writes a prescription for her birth name – Katerina Von Leuschner.
  • Abigail sees the scripts and questions Carly.
  • Kate warns Stefano about Abigail’s influence over Chad.
  • Chad and Abigail agree to disagree on the topic of Stefano.
  • Abby talks openly to Jennifer about her missing father.
  • Dario rents Adrienne’s apartment.
  • Melanie helps him move.
  • When things get too close, Melanie scurries home.
  • Bo and Hope toast Justin and Adrienne’s marriage.
  • Justin and Hope agree to put their strange relationship behind them, remaining on good terms.

Friday August 17, 2012

  • Real Rafe’s memory continues to return at the safe house.
  • Later the Fake Rafe asks the real Rafe if Sami is as good for Real Rafe (in bed) as she was for him.
  • Real Rafe punches Fake Rafe.
  • Real Rafe does however ask Sami is she and the imposter made love.
  • Justin disappoints Chloe when she asks him for help.
  • Kinsey is too impressed by Chloe.
  • Chloe runs into Quinn who apologizes for picking her as a prostitute.
  • Chloe has to admit she no longer has his money.
  • Melanie struggles with her feelings for Dario.
  • Melanie spies Dario stealing money from Kinsey’s wallet.
  • Melanie dresses him down before Dario can explain that Kinsey stiffed him on a tip.
  • Dario ends up not telling Melanie the truth and Melanie reaffirms that her first opinion of his a a two bit thief was right.
  • Vivian tries to recruit Stefano as a partner in bringing down Titan, though her real goal is to get under Kate’s skin.
  • Though not fooled by the situation, Kate is however annoyed at how much Stefano enjoys his visit with Vivian.

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