Susan Flannery to Leave Bold and the Beautiful in December

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Two of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Core Four – Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester) and John McCook (Eric Forrester)

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Ron Moss has finished taping scenes as Ridge Forrester on the Bold and the Beautiful comes news of the departure of another of the soaps “core four”.

Susan Flannery has announced that she too will be parting ways with The Bold and the Beautiful.  Given that Flannery has hinted at wanting to retire for some time there isn’t believed to be an animosity between Susan Flannery and the shows management.  In fact, Flannery has agreed to a short term contract that would allow writers to give Stephanie Forrester a proper send-off.

Two of the Bold and the Beautiful’s core four – the four actors who have been with the show since its inception in 1987 – will soon be missing.  Ronn Moss is expected to last air in September and has already finished taping scenes as Ridge.  Susan Flannery will reportedly air until December.

So what of the other two actors of the core four?

Katherine Kelly Lang who portrays Ridge onscreen partner (they aren’t currently married at the present!) has reportedly signed a new 2 year deal will The Bold and the Beautiful and there are reports that the character of Ridge will be rested and then re-cast.

Brad Bell does however promise that there will be a new story for Brooke coming up and that Brooke and Taylor (Ridge’s other paramour) still have romance ahead of them.

No news has surfaced about any change to John McCook’s (Eric Forrester) status with the Bold and the Beautiful.

Susan Flannery

Susan Flannery has portrayed Stephanie Forrester the sometimes scheming, sometimes redeemed matriarch of the Forrester family for the full 25 year history of the show.

Long time Days of our Lives fans will also remember Susan Flannery for her portrayal of Dr Laura Horton (nee Spencer) from 1966 to 1975.

Flannery won Daytime Emmy’s for both soap roles.



  1. y am sad to see u leavingthe show wont be the same without u but i hope u have a great retirment life i have watched u for years on band b and on day of uour live loved u as a celebritry i for one is going to miss u u r a great actress i have shed tears about u leaving seems like i am losing a part of my family my thoughts and prayers go with u where ever u may go

  2. On The Bold And Beautiful
    Did Susan Flannery die in real life? If so when?
    Is Ronn Moss coming back as Ridge, or will it be some one else in his place?
    Thank You
    Ive been along time fan, since the begging. hope to hear from you real soon
    S. Powell

    • Susan Flannery retired and as far as we know is alive and well! There is no news of either a Ronn Moss return or a re-casting of Ridge Forrester.

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