Days of our Lives Comings and Goings Fall 2012

Well, it seems the comings and goings over at Day of our Lives is somewhat of a revolving door! Some of the comings from the September 2011 reboot have already left (or are about to) and we have some of the goings from the same time period on their way back to Salem!

Below is Soap Opera Story’s quarterly Coming and Goings update.

Days of our Lives Comings

Eileen Davidson (Kristen Blake/Susan Banks)

Eileen Davidson, after leaving the Young and the Restless a few months ago is making her way back to Salem and the popular (if confusing!) roles she created on Days of our Lives.

Look for Kristen on screen from October 11, 2012.  She is rumored to be a kinder sweeter Kristen, but at least two Salem residents (John and Marlena) aren’t buying it!

Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane)

The beautiful Nadia Bjorlin who left Days of our Lives in September 2012 during the reboot brings Chloe Lane back to Salem. In an interview the actress stated that it was the old Chloe who would be returning.  The gutsy Chloe who stood up for herself, not jumped off piers and descended into hooking in a unfathomable bid to regain custody of her son.

Don’t get too excited though, we won’t be seeing Chloe on our TV screens until January 4, 2013, and her return is rumored to be short term and centered on Parker (her son with Philip Kiriakis).

Greg Vaughan (Eric Brady)

Eric Brady left Salem in July 2000 after admitting to Nicole Walker that he would always love her.  Backstory has us believe that Eric went to Colorado (where Marlena’s parents live) where he works as a photographer.

Recently is has been announced that Eric Brady will indeed be returning to Salem.  This time he will be portrayed by Greg Vaughan.  (Eric Brady was portrayed from 1997 to 2000 by Jensen Ackles who now stars on CW’s Supernatural as Dean Winchester).

Rumor also has it that Eric Brady will be returning to Salem as a man of the cloth?  True?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Either way, we’ll know come November 13, 2012 – Greg Vaughan’s first airdate as Sami Brady’s twin, Eric.

Days of our Lives Goings

Lisa Rinna (Billie Reed)

Another return associated with the reboot is also headed out of Salem.  This time its Lisa Rinna’s Billie Reed.

Reed’s return to Days of our Lives and the character she originated was much hyped, but the highlight of Rinna’s return would have to have been the cast interviews she held during the filming of the DAYSaster that kept viewers on the edge of their seats through the London Olympics hiatus.

Rinna is rumored to have another talk show deal in the works, which is where this viewer thinks the (former?) actresses talents lie.

Without being used as another past love of Bo’s to break up Bo and Hope Brady, Billie never really found her footing on the Salem canvas this time round.

Peter Reckell (Bo Brady)

Given the rumors that circulated for months Peter Reckell’s departure from the role he initiated in the early 80’s – Bo Brady – came as little surprise – once it was formerly announced.

Reckell finished taping during the summer, but Bo Brady will be seen on our screens until his departure sometime during the fall.  Spoilers are indicating that Bo will leave the SPD after taking a pay cut and that Bo will be there for his mother when she needs him…

Molly Burnett (Melanie Jonas)

Molly Burnett’s departure is not news – it broke during the summer, but her last airdate is Spetember 27, 2012…

Molly portrayed Melanie for 4 years and morphed from a party girl/ con girl into tortured good girl.  And tortured she was.  From her numerous kidnappings, to a lovesick Nathan Horton begging her to love him, and a husband (Philip Kiriakis) who cheated on her with Melanie’s father’s fiancé (Chloe Lane) conceiving a child (Parker Kiriakis).


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