How are Maggie Horton and Jennifer Horton Related?

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Maggie Horton Kiriakis and Jennifer Horton Devereaux

Maggie Horton and Jennifer Horton share a last name held in high esteem in the town of Salem – but how exactly are they related?

Maggie Horton

Maggie Horton became a Horton through marriage.  Maggie met Mickey Horton when he left a Salem hospital with no memory and finding the initials “MH” on a belt buckle gave himself the name Marty Hansen.

Mickey ended up working on Maggie’s family farm.  Maggie, at that stage was unable to walk.  Maggie and Marty fell in love.  Eventually, though a photo in the paper, Marty was recognized as the missing Mickey Horton.

Mickey brought Maggie back to Salem. She had surgery to help her walk.  Mickey gave her a pair of red dancing shoes for the day that they would dance together – and they did – many times, including at their wedding.

Jennifer Horton

Jennifer Horton was born a Horton.  She is the second child of Bill Horton (Mickey Horton’s brother) and Laura Spencer (Mickey Horton’s ex-wife!).  Her older brother, Mike was thought to be Mickey’s son until Mike was a teenager, making the relationship between brothers, Bill and Mickey complicated.

Jennifer Horton and Maggie Horton

Given the above, Jennifer Horton is Maggie Horton’s niece – through Maggie’s marriage to Mickey.

But, that may not be the end of the story.  Since Jack’s death in the explosions that rocked Salem in August 2012, Maggie’s biological son, Dr Daniel Jonas, is showing renewed interest in the newly widowed, Jennifer.

If Jennifer married Daniel, Jennifer would become Maggie’s daughter in law!

Relationships are never simple in Salem!


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