Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 24 September – 28 September 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US during June 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…Taylor and Nicole are arrested; EJ learns the sisters know that “Rafe” killed Fay; Everyone covers for Brady and Rafe is framed for EJ’s attack; and Jennifer learns about Carly’s drug addiction – and the reason behind it!

 Monday September 24, 2012

    • Bo and Rafe head to the hospital to get EJ’s confession
    • Bo interrupts as Nicole is about to tell EJ that Fake Rafe killed Fay.
    • Bo gets rid of Nicole and tries to show EJ Fake Rafe’s confession.
    • EJ’ takes a turn for the worse and Lexie throws him out of EJ’s room
    • Hope takes over keeping Taylor under a watchful eye.
    • Hope learns that Taylor is seeing EJ.
    • Taylor pushes Hope in a bid to get to EJ.
    • Hope is knocked out!
    • Daniel tells Stefano and Lexie he was the one who found EJ on the pier.
    • Carly tells Jennifer the powder in her room is aspirin.
    • Daniel backs up her story (unknowingly).
    • Victor tells Brady he has started a war by beating up EJ.
    • Maggie admits to Julie she has given up on finding happiness with Victor.
    • Melanie asks Maggie to get Victor out of town – if Victor stays in Salem he’s in danger.


Tuesday September 25, 2012

  • EJ is taken into surgery.
  • Taylor rushes to the hospital.
  • Justin and Adrienne find Hope and revive her.
  • Hope calls Bo and tells him about Taylor and EJ.
  • Bo and Hope plan a trap for EJ at the Cheatin Heart.
  • Stefano tells Chad it is important the family stick together now that EJ has been attacked.
  • Kate still worries Chad’s involvement with Abigail will be detrimental to building a relationship with his father.
  • After surgery, Taylor tells EJ that “Rafe” killed her mother.
  • EJ is shocked and guilty.
  • The teen prepare for graduation.
  • Kinsey blabs that Will and Gabi haven’t slept together.
  • Will backs away as Gabi tries to get intimate.
  • Caroline advises Gabi to take it slow with Will…

Wednesday September 26, 2012

  • Hope is too late to stop Taylor talking to EJ.
  • Taylor spills that she thinks Rafe killer her mother.
  • EJ tells Taylor he’s so sorry her mother was murdered.
  • Bo and Hope arrive to arrest Taylor for attacking Hope.
  • Taylor tells them that she thinks Rafe was behind EJ’s attack also.
  • Bo finds this interesting.
  • Jennifer tells Hope it was Brady who attacked EJ.
  • Carly is angry Jennifer blabbed to Hope – it puts Melanie in danger.
  • Hope notices how on edge Carly is.
  • Hope promises Carly to try to protect everyone involved in EJ’s attack.
  • Bo arrests Nicole, but tells Brady there may be a way around arresting him!
  • Jennifer becomes suspicious that Carly is responsible for the missing meds at the hospital.
  • Jennifer steals the key to Carly’s hotel room…
  • Melanie tells Maggie why she wants her to take Victor away.
  • An eyewitness spotted Dario at the pier the night of the attack.
  • Dario is interviewed by the police.
  • Melanie arrives at the Cheatin Heart to find Dario being taken to the police station…

Thursday September 27, 2012

  • At the police station Hope interrupts a conversation between Nicole and Taylor
  • Nicole tells Bo she has DNA evidence that Stefano held Rafe in the basement of the mansion
  • Unfortunately the evidence has been destroyed…
  • Bo and Hope develop a plan to let EJ think that Fake Rafe attacked him.
  • The plan will be dangerous for Rafe though, Bo and Hope admit as they fill Rafe and Sami in.
  • The teens celebrate graduation at the Brady Pub.
  • Jennifer questions her plan to break into Carly’s room.
  • Until Abigail tells Jennifer that Carly wrote herself a prescription under the name Katarina von Leuschner.
  • Jennifer gets the powder from Carly’s room wondering what would drive her friend to drugs.
  • Jennifer gets her answer when she seems Carly staring lovingly at Daniel.
  • Melanie gives Dario and alibi for the night of EJ’s attack…
  • Adrienne covers for both Melanie and Dario warning them to be careful.

Friday September 28, 2012

  • Rafe agrees to pretend he was the one who attacked EJ, despite the risks.
  • Everyone keeps Brady’s secret.
  • EJ tells Stefano that their imposter killed Fay.
  • Stefano convinces a sedated EJ that confessing all to Taylor is madness…
  • Taylor tells EJ that even the police think Rafe attacked him.
  • When Rafe is late for a meeting with Stefano, Stefano orders him dead.
  • EJ tells Taylor that Nicole wants a divorce.
  • Jennifer had Daniel the drug powder for analysis.
  • Daniel confirms it’s a highly addictive drug.
  • Jennifer realizes it was her relationship with Daniel (who Carly loves) that drove Carly to drugs.
  • Quinn witnesses a visit between Chloe and Parker.


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