Susan Flannery Retires and Stephanie Forrester Dies!

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A couple of months ago, news broke that two of The Bold and the Beautiful “core four” (the four cast members who had been with the show since its inception in 1987) were leaving.  While Ronn Moss’s departure took fans by surprise, the news that Susan Flannery would be retiring by year’s end had been anticipated and even expected.

Ridge Forrester, portrayed by Ronn Moss, left our screens last month after his wedding to Brooke Logan.

He is soon to be followed by his onscreen mother, Stephanie Forrester, portrayed by Susan Flannery.

Bill Bell, head writer and executive producer of The Bold and the Beautiful promised that Stephanie’s departure would be memorable.  Fans expected that the storyline would revolve around Stephanie’s battle with lung cancer and would culminate in the Forrester matriarch’s death.

Stephanie learns her lung cancer is back

On October 12, 2012 Stephanie learned that her lung cancer had returned.  Rather than suffer through her final days Stephanie foregoes further treatment and instead plans to enjoy what days remain of her life.

It’s party time

Party planner extraordinaire Stephanie turns her focus onto planning a party.  But this time it’s not a hastily planned wedding to be held in the Forrester living room (Stephanie has planned three of those in recent months!) but instead a party to celebrate her life.

It promises to be very Beverly Hills and bigger than the bucket list party Stephanie had when she first learned she had cancer back in 2010.

The invitations

Stephanie hand delivers invitations to her party, starting October 18, over 8 episodes to the special people in her life.  There are perhaps some surprising inclusions – Donna Logan, who stole Eric from Stephanie in the past, receives an invitation.

Along with the invitations, Stephanie delivers the sad news of her impending death from the lung cancer they had thought was in remission.

Stephanie’s daughters, Felicia and Kristen, are scheduled to come home for the party, which begs the question – What about Ridge?  Will we be seeing Stephanie’s first born and arguable favorite son return home to celebrate his mother’s life?

Bill Bell, in an interview with TV Guide, was coy, suggesting that viewers would have to wait and see.  This fan can’t see how you can explain away Ridge’s absence on such an occasion and believes Ronn Moss’s return to our screens has been pre-planned.  Could scenes have been filmed prior to his departure?  Or will Ronn return to tape new scenes?  Either way, he’d better be there.  And not as a re-cast.

If Sally Spectra can be brought back to our screens (actress Darlene Conley passed away in 2007) surely Ridge can also make an appearance – hopefully not through the magic of editing and use of archival footage though.

Party Day

US viewers can expect Stephanie’s party to air over 3 episodes in the middle of November.  After that, Stephanie will not linger long.  We can expect Stephanie’s final moments on this earth to air sometime in December.

Air dates will be updated as they become available.


  1. My heart aches with the knowledge of Stephanie’s (Susan Flamney) departure. I have followed this show for so long that I’m not sure I want to continue. Any we still have Stephie and Taylor. No more leaving ok my heart can’t take it.

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