Susan Banks Flashback Black Friday!

Look for a treat for a special flashback episode of Days of our Lives to air this Black Friday –  November 23, 2012.

Days of our Lives will be taking us on a trip down memory lane back to June 24, 1997.

Imagine, John Black dressed in Elvis garb at what he thinks is his Elvis themed wedding to Kristen.  Enter a clearly rattled Laura Horton. Mike suggest he sedate Laura because of her erratic behavior insisting that Kristen was holding Marlena prisoner in the house.

Laura tussled with “Kristen” and a set of false teeth flew through the air – landing in Vivian Alamain’s champagne glass!

Here’s a clip, courtesy of YouTube.

Of course, minus teeth, everyone realizes “Kristen” is actually Susan.  John realizes there may be truth to Laura’s claims and begins a search for Kristen (and Marlena) who are locked in a secret room in the house.  To up the stakes even further, Kristen and Marlena are locked in the secret room which is rapidly filling with gas!

Tune in to Days of our Lives for what will surely be a Tivo worthy episode!

PS: Yes, that is Jennifer Horton who fetches Mike’s medical bag for him! Stephanie Cameron portrayed Jennifer Horton from 1995 – 1998.

And the reference to John Jr – that’s little Elvis, or EJ….


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