The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: November 19 – November 21, 2012

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    The Bold and the Beautiful will not air on November 22 and November 23 (Thanksgiving).

    Ridge’s absense from her party make Stephanie reflect on her relationship with her number one son.

    Eric and Stephanie grieve the end of their life together.

    Katie has a panic attack and is hospitalized.  Taylor tries to talk some sense into her.

    Bill if he’s missing something in regards to Katie’s behavior.

    Brooke continues to see the side of Bill that Katie fell in love with…

    Brooke gets an eyeful when Bill comes out of the bathroom.  How will they react?

    Stephanie realizes her time is short and makes peace with the idea of dying.

    Eric is reluctant to leave Stephanie alone to attend a business meeting.

    Stephanie encourages him to go and protect their legacy.

    Eric refuses until Brooke makes it possible for Eric to leave.

    Steffy has some conditions before she’ll move in with Liam…


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