The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: December 17-21, 2012

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    Together Eric and Pam grieve and prepare for their first Christmas without Stephanie.

    Based on Taylor’s news, Kathie questions Brooke about having feelings for Bill.  Brooke confesses to her younger sister that she and Bill did share a kiss.  Despite knowing that she is responsible for pushing Bill and Brooke together, Katie still fights feelings of betrayal.  Bill is glad that Katie is understanding and forgiving.

    Brooke isn’t pleased with Taylor meddling in their lives and lets her know it.

    Katie doesn’t like Bill’s attitude towards his niece, Caroline.

    Steffy and Liam reunite when he returns home from his trip early.

    Rick tells Brooke he is going to tell Hope the truth about what he did.  Brooke offers to support him.

    Guilt prompts Rick to confess to Hope that he lied to her about what Othello saw at the nightclub the night before Liam and Hope’s last wedding attempt.  Hope, determined to make things right between her and Liam,  hightails it to Liam and fills him in.  She apologizes for doubting his commitment to her.

    Steffy, meanwhile, is confident about her work and relationship with Liam.  She plans a future with Liam the man of her dreams.  Is Steffy the woman of Liam’s dreams though?

    Caroline has harsh words for Steffy.  Steffy responds by suggesting Caroline put her family above love.


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