Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: December 31 2012-January 4 2013

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    Hope and Liam discuss the possibility that there may still be a future for them.  Steffy, meanwhile wants Liam to assure here that a reunion between him and Hope is not on the cards.

    Katie remains worried about Bill.

    Caroline is involved in an accident.  What did Bill do?  Or is he as innocent as he claims to be?

    Hope tells Bill that his interference in her and Liam’s relationship won’t matter in the long run.

    Rick faces Liam, who now knows what he did to keep him and Hope apart.

    Liam gives Hope an answer.  Is there a future for them?  Or will Liam stay with Steffy?

    The Bold and the Beautiful 2013 Spoilers

    Taylor and Brooke’s rivalry ramps up as each supports their family.  Taylor fights back.  Will she be the new “Stephanie”?

    Bill finds appeal in both of the Logan sisters.  Who will he chose?  Katie or Brooke?

    Will Brooke’s determination to get Liam and Hope back together end her relationship before it even begins?  And what about Ridge?  When will he return to Los Angeles?

    Karen and Danielle, Caroline’s lesbian mothers return to Los Angeles in January 2012 for a short storyline arc.

    Dayzee isn’t glad to see, Maya,  a woman from her past on skid row return to her life.  Maya will test Dayzee’s relationship with Marcus.  Marcus also sees his past pay him a visit when his adopted brother comes back into his life.

    Eric reasserts control at Forrester Creations and becomes the prize in a competition between two women.  Donna and Pam’s competitive relationship extends beyond their professional life and into their personal lives.


    1. We are tired of the Liam Steffy Hope triangle. Any man or boy would have already chosen. No man or boy would choose drugged sex, drama, and boring lifestyle over hot, spontaneous sex, freedom to be yourself, and fun-filled life. Bring some new men on the scene. This is LA and lots of exciting, men abound. Send Hope to college so she can grow a little. Are we developing a Scrooge, why would Brooke’s youngest stay in boarding school 365 days per year and the rest of the family think it is alright. Does RJ have a condition?

    2. I guess we will see the Caroline’s Moms now that she has had this accident. Based on Caroline’s health we will see what kind of man Rick really is, don’t see him as a better or worse kind of boyfriend. I don’t think Rick will stick around if Caroline is stuck in a wheelchair.

      Liam finally given the opportunity to get in the last word with Hope. Hope usually has diarrhea mouth around Liam not really listening or taking on the subtle cues from Liam. I want Liam to finally make an intelligent decision, never seen men who prefer the fairytale to reality especially when reality is more fun and inviting.

    3. Caroline goes into a coma and Bill gets blamed for her fall. Bill gets help for his drinking due to pressure from Katie and Caroline’s mothers. Bill realizes that if he had been in control, Caroline would not have been so desperate to get her uncle to listen to her. Caroline will let all know that her accident was just that her 6in heels and bad bag placement.

    4. i am so sick of this love triangle. they should have never ruined hopw and liams future from the start. let it be at least one happy couple to set an example. steffy always think she can have who she want. now she pregnant. how boring

    5. Maybe Liam and Hope will discover that they have been married all this time. Maybe there was a mistake or misunderstanding that they weren’t married. Something has to be a shocker.

    6. Hi

      I like that Liam and Hope get marry each other. I hate Steffy .The story has become
      boring for me now and there is not any new episode in this film and it is about
      6 month that we are in the same place that is:

      struggle og steffy with hope for geting Liam in her hand .She became pregnant becuase
      to force Liam to get marry with her.What a boring person is she? I hate steffy and love

      • I have been watching the “Bold and the Beautiful” for a very long time and this triangle between, Liam, Hope, and Steffy is so boring. You writers are suppose to make stories interesting and exciting and this saga is beyond stupid. Laim and Hope should be married and Steffy should find someone new. First she is after Bill then Liam and she is the one who has caused all the problems and still you all make her seem like the wounded girl. Bring back a new Ridge for Brook, get Taylor a new man who she’ll love more than Ridge, bring in some new men. Brook is getting very wimpy and annoying. What has happened to her son RJ? New story for the program…Keep Eric focused & don’t let him get mixed up with Taylor. Need a new Stephanie type person for Eric. Thorn is always on the back burner, get him a story line….Bring Nick back..
        I could go on an on to make this “soap” more interesting, so please take your viewers advise and get this triangle overwith. It would also be nice if you all would make the “Bold” and hour long. Take a few pointers from the other “Soaps” like Young and the Restless on how to keep your viewers interested.

          • me too!! the bold is getting so freekin boring now. especially now that bill has the hots for brooke, im sick of brooke getting involved with married men. they should have brought in a new ridge right away the show sucks now. and where is nick? and his mother? all the good people are gone.

    7. Right can u please give Liam and Hope a chance without Steffy running behind Liam like a wet puppy. And they always talking bout the Logans did this and that but what about them. Steffy have slept with Bill, . Rick and so on and she want every man Hope get and dont leave Taylor out she slept with Rick when he was with steffy. Ridge, Thorn and now the daddy please. What that say bout u and your daughter. Please please give Steffy a new man and let liam and Hope be happy.

    8. Liam and hope are beyond boring. Hope is too immature for liam, both of them being together is a tragedy. Liam seems soo much more happier around steffy, who wouldn’t she is an incredible person, and very strong and independent. Most woman hope to be like her. And liam needs a woman like steffy in his life, she only makes him stronger. Hope is just boring. Both hope and liam are weak, they need people who willl allow them to grow and become stronger.

    9. Boring so tired of steffy this and steffy that what is wrong with these people. Get a new story line already seen the whole Brooke and Taylor thing played out to its fullest really not going to bother to go through all the back and forth with Steffy and Hope as well. Let me guess Steffy loses her baby runs away Hope and liam get back together then Steffy wont give him an annualment and will want a divorce which is 6 mnth again Hope throws her toys out the cot demands Liam to go see Steffy, Liam goes to Steffy who will play the hurt victim as usual, and so the story goes round and round oh poor liam,Bull! didnt Ridge do the exact same with Taylor and Brooke who for the record Brooke was with Ridge long before Taylor came on the scene like mother like daughter neither can find their own man have to steel other woman’s men and run to their aid, Taylor is worse than Brooke sleept with the whole family already only difference is everyone knows about Brookes sleeping partners Taylor just likes playing the victim like her daughter think she needs to try some pshycology on her and her daughter for a change…

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