Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 3 December – 7 December 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US at the end of August 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…Does Sami have cancer?  Who is attacking the ladies of the night in Salem?  Will Chloe be the next victim?  Are Quinn’s days numbered as the Salem PD gets closer to the truth?

NOTE:  Its cricket season again, so Days of our Lives episodes are going to fall even further behind episodes airing in the US.  Days of our Lives will not be telecast on Monday 3 December due to the Third Test between Australia and South Africa.

While we attempt to keep up with Channel Nine’s broadcast schedules they are subject to change.  If the Test finishes early, the dates below may be incorrect.  Our apologies if occurs.  We will correct as soon as possible.

 Monday December 3, 2012

Preempted – Cricket

Tuesday December 4, 2012

  • Rafe and Sami comfort each other.
  • Sami knows how much Rafe wanted a baby.
  • At the hospital they learn Sami has cysts.
  • Does Sami have cancer?
  • Bo and Hope work the prostitute attacker case.
  • They try to find out from Mandy who her pimp is.
  • Rafe convinces Abe to allocate resources to the case by taking Abe to see Mandy.
  • Hope decides to go undercover
  • Quinn again threatens to expose Taylors past when she tries to back out of spying for him (at the PD).
  • Taylor is with Mandy when she comes to and whispers Quinn’s name.
  • Taylor has the opportunity to tell Hope, but keeps mum.
  • Kinsey reads about the prostitute attacks and asks Chloe if she’s going to quit given the danger.
  • Chloe tells Kinsey she can’t – not if she wants Parker back.
  • Chloe wants to quit concerned Quinn can’t protect her like he promised.
  • Quinn won’t let her go, but in the process lets on that it was someone else’s idea to lure Chloe into the life.
  • A gloved man looks through Quinn’s tablet, stopping at a picture of Chloe
  • Will Chloe be the next victim?
  • Brady and Nicole sleep together – but who’s having second thoughts in the morning?

Wednesday December 5, 2012

  • Sami and Rafe go through her health crisis together.
  • Alone at the loft Will dodges Gabi’s romantic advances.
  • Sonny tells his parents he’s transferring to Salem U
  • Sonny asks Chad to partner is a Salem U website.
  • Chad continues to ignore his father, while Abigail is sad hers isn’t in her life.
  • Will and Gabi are angry when Tad also knows (from Kinsey) that Will and Gabi finally had sex.
  • Tad is still angry about the prank Sonny pulled on him.
  • Tad is turned down by another girl but its not because she thinks he’s gay – he’s a dirtbag she tells him.
  • Tad promises to get even with Sonny.
  • Jennifer tells Daniel how happy she is to be with him…
  • Detoxed, Carly reunited with her son at the rehabilitation center.  They forgive each other.
  • Nicholas learns how bad his mother’s addiction is.

Thursday December 6, 2012

  • Sami prepares to have surgery.
  • She believes this is her punishment for her misdeeds.
  • The attacker sends the salem PD a message – he’s out to get evil women.
  • Hopes undercover op is quashed.
  • Bo and Hope stakeout the pier – who is watching them?
  • Quinn accuses Taylor of stealing his tablet.
  • They worry about whose hands it is in
  • Kate admits to Chloe she set her up to become a hooker.
  • She’ll never get Parker back, Kate gloats.
  • Chloe learns that Quinn’s tablet was stolen.
  • He’s the only one that can protect her now, Quinn tells Chloe when she tries again to quit.
  • Quinn’s tablet is returned – with a message…
  • Bo and Hope want to know who EJ sold his drug business to.
  • Kate accuses EJ of interfering in her business.

Friday December 7, 2012

  • Rafe supports Sami before her surgery, as does Roman.
  • Roman thinks Mandy is ready to open up but would be more comfortable talking to a woman
  • Hope goes to talk to Mandy.
  • Taylor overhears Hope tell Bo and Roman that Mandy has agreed to talk.
  • EJ and Kate go head to head over he plan to restart Countess Wilhelmina.
  • EJ throws his weight around.
  • A pleased Kate welcomes the old EJ back.
  • Stefano would be proud she tells EJ

Storylines are starting to wrap up for the reboot that occured on September 26, 2011.  Want a sneak peak?


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