The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: December 3-7, 2012

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    Brooke has a dream that leaves her shaken.  She needs to make a difficult decision…

    Thomas is now the largest shareholder of Forrester stock, thanks to his inheritance from Stephanie. Thomas can drive the company in whatever direction he wants, Taylor advises her son.  Take advantage of what he has been given.

    Rick isn’t happy with Thomas’ smug grandstanding and power trip.

    Brooke warns Taylor that Thomas’s leadership isn’t making him any friends amongst family members. Meanwhile Eric and Rick collaborate to end Thomas’ reign.

    Thomas delivers a couple of ultimatums – to Brooke and Eric!

    Hope and Steffy can’t keep to business during a meeting.  Hope admits her feelings to Liam.

    Caroline and Rick continue to wonder whether or not to reveal what Bill did to interfere in Hope and Liam’s Italian wedding.  Caroline also encourages Rick to come clean about his own interference in Hope’s relationship with Liam.

    Rick’s relationship with Caroline (Bill’s niece) is not immune to Bill’s manipulations when Bill wants Liam to tell Caroline that Bill doesn’t like Rick.

    Hope becomes suspicious of Caroline’s behavior.  Hope thinks she is keeping a secret.

    Something Caroline tells Liam affects him deeply.  Did Caroline spill?


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