Chloe Tells Daniel: Parker IS Your Son – Not Philip’s

And another “Horton” is born.

Last week, Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) returned to Salem. So did Philip Kiriakis, but he wasn’t seen in our screens, merely mentioned as being elsewhere in the Kiriakis mansion.

Though Chloe’s return (and the reason for Chloe’s return) was foreshadowed in the previous months, other than adding another loosely related Horton into the fold, it’s hard to see the point of this storytelling.

But with the storylines extended timeframe it is bound to become one of the more confusing aspects of Days of our Lives history.

So here’s a refresher on the history, and a quick rundown on just how Parker has ended up being Daniel’s son after all.

Parker’s Conception or Philip and Chloe have Sex

Philip thinks Melanie is cheating, Chloe thinks Daniel is cheating, so Philip and Chloe find comfort in each other’s arms.

This storyline involved the love lives of just about everyone under 30 in Salem (and a few over 30’s ).

Daniel and Chloe were together, and if the amount of sex they had was any indication they were deliriously happy.  Chloe’s confidence in her place in Daniel’s life however was undermined by the recent discovery that Melanie Layton was his love child with Carly Manning,  conceived many years ago at a medical conference.

Chloe became convinced that Carly and Daniel were having an affair.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s best bud, Phillip Kiriakis was having marital issues of his own.  His marriage was happy, but Philip didn’t believe that Melanie’s ex, Nathan Horton, was entirely out of the picture.  And he was right to a certain extent.  Unfortunately, when Melanie and Nathan resolved their lingering relationship ties and kissed goodbye, Philip witnessed the cinch and mistook it to mean that his wife was still seeing her ex, Nathan, behind his back.

Philip rushed right over to Chloe and Daniel’s apartment to find Chloe all a dither about Carly and Daniel being off together in a hotel somewhere. (Daniel was in reality having surgery on his eyes  was not having an affair with Carly.)

Chloe and Philip began drinking and then found solace of the sexual kind in each other’s arms. During their romp, both Chloe and Philip received phone messages from their respective other halves.  Chloe went to the hospital to have it out with Daniel and Philip went to confront Melanie.

It was then that Philip and Chloe discovered what a monumental mistake they’d made.  Wracked with guilt and believing no one would benefit from knowing the error they’d made, Philip and Chloe decided to remain quiet about their tryst.

This all seemed like a great plan, until Chloe discovered she was pregnant and some quick mental arithmetic proved that Philip OR Daniel could be the father.

The Paternity Test – Chloe’s Amniocentesis

When Chloe discovered she was pregnant she enlisted the help for Dr Carly Manning, who was now her ally and no longer considered the “other woman”.  Carly arranged for Chloe to have an amniocentesis and paternity test at another Salem hospital, St Mary’s under an assumed name (Ms Scott).

Of course, the testing did not go smoothly, with both Melanie and Daniel turning up at that hospital; Daniel to do a consult and Melanie to consider taking a job there once she finished her nursing training.

Then there was nothing to do but wait for the results.  Unfortunately not only Chloe was waiting on the results of her baby’s paternity test.  Philip and Chloe’s tryst had quickly become the worst kept secret in Salem with many individuals knowing at least part of the story – most of whom had a vested interest in the outcome of the paternity test.

The perfect climate for a paternity results switching storyline….

The Switching of the Paternity Test Results and Why

Days of our Lives scripted the paternity results episode well.  Many characters had the means, motive and opportunity to change the paternity results, including Stephanie Johnson, who was now dating Nathan, and desperate not to lose him to Melanie.

Stephanie feared that if Philip was revealed to be the father of Chloe’s baby, that Melanie would leave her unfaithful husband and high tail it back into Nathan Horton’s arms.  So, Stephanie called in a favor and had a college buddy.  Ian hacked into the St Mary’s Hospital computer to check the paternity test results.

The results Stephanie saw showed that Philip was Chloe’s baby daddy.

Later, viewers also saw Chloe, Melanie, and Carly access the St Mary’s Hospital website from their computers. Melanie was still considering taking a position with the hospital upon graduation and Carly and Chloe had legitimate reasons for accessing the site.

Meanwhile, Philip and Daniel were also undertaking mysterious transactions, via their cell phones.

Ian and Stephanie also hacked back into the paternity test results – to change them – thereby protecting Stephanie’s relationship with Nathan.  But upon regaining access to the paternity test results, Stephanie and Ian discovered that they had already been altered, thereby setting up the whodunit.

Stephanie, of course, remained silent, since the results now showed that Daniel was the father of Chloe’s baby, thereby protecting Stephanie’s relationship with Nathan.

The Truth about Parker’s Paternity Comes Out

Eventually, viewers learned that Caroline Brady switched the paternity test results.  Why?  Two reasons – to help her granddaughter Stephanie keep the man she loved, and well, Caroline was under the opinion that no child should have a Kiriakis as a father.  (Victor is her youngest son, Bo’s biological father.)

Caroline confessed to Kayla what she had done, and Kayla advised her mother to set the record straight – pronto.  Unfortunately, Kayla headed out of town and it wasn’t until she returned that she learned that Caroline hadn’t confessed to her crime and that the status quo regarding Parker’s paternity still remained.

Kayla and Caroline argued about whether Caroline should tell Chloe and Daniel the truth – at the church where Caroline had been praying over the dilemma every day since Kayla’s departure.

What Kayla and Caroline didn’t realize was that behind the closed doors of the church parker’s baptism was in full swing.  The doors to the church opened just as Kayla ranted to her mother that Caroline had to let Daniel know he wasn’t the father of Chloe’s baby.

From there the wheels fell off the ceremony and one by one the lies unraveled with Caroline suffering a stroke during the emotionally heated exchange.

And that was the status of parker’s paternity since December 2010.  Philip Kiriakis was believed to be Parker’s biological son.

Fast forward to 2013 – Chloe gets a miracle – Daniel is Parker’s Father After All

On January 7, 2013, Chloe revealed to Daniel that a miracle had occurred and all was as it should be.  Daniel really was Parker’s son.

Daniel thought poor Chloe was deluded until Kayla arrived with a fax she had received from Stephanie that day.  The fax was a statement from Ian Burton, the college friend of Stephanie’s who had helped Stephanie hack into the St Mary’s hospital records.

Ian had been undergoing rehab for drug and alcohol addiction and part of his program involved making reparation with those he’d hurt.  Ian confessed to Stephanie that he had changed the paternity test results before Stephanie had ever seen them (Stephanie had been distracted by a phone call from Nathan). Stephanie in turn filled in Chloe and Philip who had a second set of paternity tests performed tat did indeed show that Philip couldn’t be Parker’s father.

But why did Ian do it?

Ian had a crush on Stephanie.  He also learned that if Philip turned out to be the father of Chloe’s baby, that it would destroy Stephanie’s relationship.  Therefore, Ian took the opportunity to make that happen by changing the results (before Stephanie saw them).

So Ian changed the paternity test results from Daniel to Philip, then Caroline Brady changed the result from Philip back to Daniel – thereby actually setting the record straight.

But when Caroline’s actions came out it was assumed no one else had tampered with the paternity test results.  Always a bad assumption in Salem.  Though it was nice to see that serial offender, Sami Brady had nothing to do with the switching of these paternity test results….



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