Days of our Lives Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) Returns to Give Daniel News

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On Friday 3 January, 2013, Nadia Bjorlin reprised the role of Chloe Lane on Days of our Lives.

(Read about her last departure here.)

Daniel opened the door to the apartment he once shared with Chloe as husband and wife to find Chloe standing there.  The reason for Chloe’s visit has been hinted at over the past few months.  Parker’s name has been mentioned again after an absense from the storytelling since late September of 2011 when Chloe left Salem to take a singing gig in Chicago to be closer to her son.  (Philip, who had gained custody of Parker, had moved to Chicago with Parker months earlier, sending Chloe into a downward life spiral, hitting bottom when Kate set her up to become a prostitute).

Prior to heading off on her Alzheimer’s trial (which seems to have been successful) poor Caroline Brady also begged Danilel for forgiveness for her part in keeping Parker’s true paternity secret (to protect her granddaughter, Stephanie’s relationship with Nathan).

So it wasn’t too much of a stretch to imagine that Days of our Lives would do what soaps love to do.  Change a child’s paternity.  Expecially when a new wrtiting regime takes over.  Here is a refresher on Parkers conception and paternity switch drama…

And if what Chloe had to tell Daniel on Friday is any indication that’s exactly how this is going to play out.  The question though is why?

Spoilers and Speculation

How will Chloe’s news that Parker is actually Daniel’s son sned riples through Salem?

First of all – we’ll all need confirmation.  Parker is what under 2, and has had his paternity questioned how many times?  Seriously, they need to go to the next town over from Salem to have these DNA tests.  Apparently Kayla will also feature – Stephanie too lets her mom know that Daniel is Parker’s father.  Did she just find out?  Or has Steph been holding onto this secret also? And why?

So DNA test presumably show Parker is Daniel’s son.  Chloe moves into Dan’s apartment.  I’m sorry, but it would have to be once secure woman that would be ok with Chloe Lane moving in with their boyfriend.  I’m sure Jennifer Rose won’t be thrilled.  But nor will another womanlady  in Salem.


Nicole and Chloe have to be your classic frenemies.  Last time Chloe was in town, Nicole and Chloe were besties. But they have a long history before that as adversaries.  Mostly over Brady Black’s affections.  I mean Nicole dressed up as a nurse and arranged for a scarred Chloe’s surgery to fail by introducing an infection. These two really should never have become friends given their history.  It seems like that storytelling anomoly may be corrected.  Nicole and Chloe will have to have a conflict over their mutual interest in Daniel….



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