Days of our Lives Renewed by NBC! On Air Through at Least September 2014!

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Two days ahead of celebrating the airing of its 12,000 show, Days of our Lives received more news to celebrate.  NBC has renewed the soap through to September 2014.

The news will no doubt be well received by the soaps legions of fans who have tuned in daily to the trials and tribulations of Salem’s denizens.  Some fans can remember watching the first episode back in 1965, while others, like me, were introduced to the sudser via our mothers.  And a new generation is tuning in to see Salem’s first viable youth scene since the Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Philip, Chloe, and Brady days.

I don’t think it has been lost on anyone that Days first gay romance amongst the younger set  is also seeing a return to a slower paced more traditional (except for that same sex thing of course!) love story.

That is probably more due to easing segments of the audience into the idea of a same sex relationship on their screens, but you know what?  It works.  The conflict in Sonny and Will’s relationship is much like the conflicts we saw in the 60’s and 70’s – inconvenient illegitimate pregnancies, paternity secrets, infidelity and disapproval from parents.

Hopefully, the Sonny, Will, Gabi, Nick pregnancy and paternity secret storyline can be successfully spun out into the type of magic seen in the past with Laura, Bill, Mickey and Mike’s paternity.

Spin it out for a couple of years and Days of our Lives will see its 50th year on our screens.  You have to wonder however if these annual renewals are just a PR exercise, to milk the upcoming 2015, 50th anniversary for Days of our Lives.

Would NBC cancel Days before that date?  At this stage?  And this is my opinion only – Doubtful.  The PR blitz alone would have to make keeping the soap on air till then worth it.

Afterwards, however? Let’s just say, if you love Days of our Lives, keep tuning in.  It’s all about eyeballs. Preferably watching live or if not within 3 days of airing….


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