Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 4 February – 8 February, 2013

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia   Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US at  during October 2011.  Read on for Australian spoilers for Days of our Lives episodes this week…

NOTE:  Its cricket season again, so Days of our Lives episodes are going to fall even further behind episodes airing in the US.  Days of our Lives will not be telecast on Friday 8 February 2013, due to the one day series between Australia and the West Indies.

While we attempt to keep up with Channel Nine’s broadcast schedules they are subject to change.  If the Test finishes early, the dates below may be incorrect.  Our apologies if this occur.  We will correct as soon as possible.

Upcoming Highlights

  • John’s legal predicament is the cause of tension in many relationships in Salem.
  • Carrie and Austin are on different sides!
  • John believes Stefano is behind his recent spate of problems
  • Rafe steps in when Sami’s job takes her away from her kids
  • EJ has summons delivered all over Salem.
  • He’s launched a class action lawsuit against John on behalf of the citizens of Salem
  • Are Nicole and EJ destined for a reunion?
  • Jennifer throws Daniel and Jack out!

Monday February 4, 2013

  • John is arraigned and bail is set.
  • Unfortunately Marlena can’t post bail as their assets have been frozen!
  • To compound the bad news John learns his legal team has quit!
  • John believes Stefano is behind his run of bad luck.
  • Carrie and Austin find themselves on opposite sides of John’s case.
  • Hope makes an appointment with the financial advisor who set up Alice’s mystery bank accounts…
  • Bo wonders if they should stop their investigation into the accounts, but Hope feels like Gran wants her to know what her secret is.

Tuesday February 5, 2013

  • Carrie takes on John’s defense when his legal team quits.
  • John and Marlena don’t want Carrie placing herself in danger (John is a target).
  • Carrie argues that it’s either her or a court appointed attorney.
  • John relents.
  • Austin learns that the only assignment available to him to keep him in Salem is working for the prosecution of – John, placing him and Carrie on opposite sides of the case!
  • Carrie and Austin promise they won’t let John’s case come between them…
  • Nicole tells Ej she won’t take the publicist job for his campaign unless he dishes on what he’s up to with John.
  • EJ fills her in – then learns the summons he ordered has gone out.
  • EJ and Nicole toast her appointment as his campaign publicist for the mayoral race.

Wednesday February 6, 2012

Preempted – ODI Australia vs. West Indies

Thursday February 7, 2013

  • Daniel lays into Jack about how he has treated Jennifer and Abigail when he finds that Jack spent the night at Jenn’s!
  • Jennifer fills Daniel in on why Jack has been missing all these months, but Daniel isn’t overly sympathetic.
  • Jack and Daniel get into an argument that Jennifer has to break up by telling them both to get out.
  • Sami finds that her new job is taking time away from her kids and family.
  • When Rafe has filled the void does it make her feel better or worse?
  • Rafe tells Sami that EJ has launched a class action lawsuit against John.
  • Carrie and Austin find it difficult working in close quarters on the opposite side of the same case…
  • John continues to have memories of executing financial transactions while declaring his innocence to Austin.
  • Austin tells John the evidence against him is compelling.
  • The stress the case is placing on Austin and Carries relationship is evident.
  • John hates what this is doing to his family and comes to a decision – he wants a divorce!

Friday February 8, 2013

Preempted – ODI Australia vs. West Indies



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