Steffy is Pregnant – Will Steffy Use Her Pregnancy to Trap Liam?

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    Steffy is having a baby?

    Steffy is delighted to realize she’s having Liam’s baby!

    This week we discovered that The Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy Forrester is pregnant.  With Liam Spencer’s child.

    Liam and Steffy picked up their relationship after Hope made it clear to Liam that they didn’t have a future.  Hope ended their engagement when he turned up on their wedding day on the back of Steffy’s motor cycle with a faux hawk and neck ink, and she told him she didn’t love him and that he didn’t deserve her.

    So Liam did what he has done before and turned to Steffy. And Steffy and Liam have been happy.  BUT, recently Hope discovered Bill’s machinations at her and Liam’s Italian wedding and her brother’s lie about what happened between Liam and Steffy at the club on the night before their last wedding attempt.

    Hope takes her life back…

    Since then, Hope has found a backbone and revealed Bill’s antics to his son.  In the process Liam learned that Steffy knew about Bill’s actions but claimed to have said nothing to protect his relationship with his father. Hope, however, isn’t standing for all the interference in her life anymore and went to Liam and told him she wants him and the life they should have had back.

    Nothing has happened that can’t be undone Hope told Liam unaware how false that statement was as  Steffy made her way home to break the news that Liam was going to be a father in person.

    Hope began removing Steffy’s clothes from her home, Liam and Hope began arguing, professed their love for each other and tumbled onto the bed in a passionate cinch.

    Steffy finds the shoe on the other foot…

    Meanwhile Steffy drove home stunned yet almost giddy about the news she had for Liam. Tears of joy however turned into tears of anguish as Steffy got a dose of what Hope has experienced so many times before – the “other woman” with her man.

    In the past Hope has endured watching Steffy and Liam making out in a car, which ended Hope’s engagement to Liam when in the heat of the moment she took off her engagement ring and left it on the mantle of the Malibu beach house.

    No one would have imagined hat Liam would put that very ring on Steffy’s finger that night let alone married her mere days later…

    Hope also endured watching the video of Liam and Steffy making out in Liam’s hotel room in Italy on his wedding day to Hope.  Liam had been ready to run away with Steffy believing that Hope had run off on him again – thanks to a letter placed in his hotel room by Bill’s assistant Alison.

    This week it was Steffy’s turn to feel the pain of watching the man she loves in a passionate cinch with another woman – Hope – on their bed.

    Given Steffy and Liam’s history for falling into a relationship only when Hope isn’t available to Liam, Steffy’s situation – finding the shoe on the other foot – isn’t really a sympathetic one.  Unless Steffy is pregnant.


    Will Steffy use her baby to keep Liam?

    A pregnancy ups the ante.  Women throughout history and soap operas have used pregnancy to get or hold onto their men.

    Will Steffy?

    Not immediately.  Steffy headed out of town to Paris to meet her father, Ridge, before telling Liam about her condition.

    But Steffy’s secret is already out, as Taylor found a pregnancy test in Steffy’s office.  Despite Steffy’s request that her mother treat her like one of her patients, you can bet overprotective mamma Taylor will want to make sure Steffy gets what she wants – especially since her son Thomas has just missed out on what he wanted – the Presidency of Forrester Creation.

    Thomas lost the job to Brooke’s son, Rick.  You can bet, Taylor is determined that Steffy won’t be on the losing end of her competition with a Logan….


    1. I don’t hate Steffy but I am glad that she finally gets a taste of what Hope’s been feeling. I just don’t get why these two are fighting over this idiot. Hope has a total blind spot when it comes to Liam since he keeps screwing her over. Sure Bill manipulated things but ultimately Liam was the one that failed Hope each time by turning to another woman. Steffy comes off as pathetic since up to this point she had been throwing herself at every guy until one said yes.

      I do think Taylor will blab about Steffy being pregnant. I doubt very much that Steffy would consider getting rid of the baby. So I’ll just continue to watch and make fun of those people who are way too involved in their kids love lives. I’m pretty sure this soap has the most flashbacks ever in all of soap history. The show is like crack there are times when you wonder why you’re watching yet you keep on watching and laugh like an idiot when you see someone stabbing himself with a sword pendant.

    2. Ahhh – the sword pendant stabbing. That just showed how silly and easily manipulated young Liam is.

      I am glad that Steffy is pregnant. Two reasons really – to keep us interested the writers needed to up the ante a little. I actually hope the pregnancy reveal is drawn out a little. I find the “you and I share something you and Hope don’t” veiled statements far more interesting than the “Liam we were robbed” comments Hope is throwing around.

      The second reason I hope Steffy’s baby is born is because the way Hope, Liam, Steffy, Thomas et al, are sprinting through plot twists and turns, we are going to need a new SORASed generation – soon! Hope and Steffy need to have daughters to give us another 25 years of two women fighting over one man.

      Its kept me enthralled since 1987…

    3. I watch the Bold and the Beautiful every day, I think it’s passed time for Liam to grow a back bone and start acting like a young man ..Quit listening to so many people and stop looking like he doesn’t know what they are saying.My opinion tell Hope to move on.She has walk out on him and not trusted him,plus, the way she acted at the beginning with the pills. Now Steffy has always supported Liam,she has always been there for him. She should tell him about the baby, make the first move before Brooke and Hope does….

    4. I think steffy should not loose her baby becouse when is the logans going to stop getting what they want and not worrying about other peoples feelings steffy should tell liam and they should get married and hope should move on she will never be miss right for liam

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