Taylor Demands Respect from the Logan’s: The Bold and the Beautiful

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Dr Taylor Hayes, psychiatrist, (please not the occupation) went on a bit of a tirade, this week, intervening on behalf of her children  and trying to get those awful “Logans” under control.  Taylor spent much of this week sticking her nose into her children – Thomas and Steffy’s business as well as passing judgment on Brooke’s interactions with Brooke’s Sister’s husband, Bill Spencer.

What triggered Taylor’s rant?

Recent events on the Bold and the Beautiful once again swung Taylor and her children into “underdog” status.  And Taylor let Brooke know that she the Logan’s for her family’s second string position in the Forrester clan.

Steffy’s Pregnancy

Taylor was so enraged by the perceived injustices against her and her family that while demanding that Brooke convince Hope to stay away from Liam, Taylor almost let it slip why she suddenly felt so strongly on the issue, when both she and Brooke had agreed to stay out of their daughter’s love lives.

Taylor isn’t pleased to find Hope and Liam spending time together (with Steffy’s blessing) while Steffy is in Paris

Of course, Taylor knows that Steffy is pregnant with Liam’s baby, and having found Hope spending a cozy evening with Liam in front of the fire in the home Steffy shares with Liam sent Taylor over the edge. She conceded that Bill and Rick’s interference had robbed Hope and Liam of their chance to be together but told both Hope and Brooke that Hope and Liam’s chance had passed.  Steffy and Liam had a committed relationship and Hope should, unlike her mother in the past, leave Liam alone.


Thomas Loses the Presidency Fashion Competition

Taylor feels Thomas was robbed on his rightful job when Stephanie reneged on giving Thomas her shares

Taylor was also upset by Thomas’ decision to move to Paris on the heels of having the job that he was entitled to at Forrester (first the CEO, then Presidency) ripped away from him.  Thomas found himself forced to fight for a leadership role at Forrester Creations when Stephanie Forrester, from the grave, reneged on her promise to give Thomas her 25% shareholding in Forrester Creations upon her death.

Thomas, of course, lost the role of President and Eric Forrester’s protégé to Eric and Brooke’s son, Rick Forrester.

Taylor saw this as another slight against her by her best friend Stephanie…

Stephanie chose Brooke over Taylor to be at her side when she died…

Taylor resented Brooke usurping her as Stephanie’s best friend

Taylor also let Brooke know that she wasn’t pleased at being usurped as Stephanie’s best friend and harbored resentment towards Brooke that Stephanie had chosen Brooke over Taylor to be with her when she died.

Brooke explained that Brooke and Stephanie had become friends in Stephanie’s final years and that in choosing Brooke to be with her when she died, Stephanie was making her final point.

Stephanie regretted all the bitterness, anger and that had been between her and Brooke over the years and was sending a message to the rest of the family that she just wanted them to get on – to get past the hate and grudges in the same way that Stephanie and Brooke had.  Instead they should  put their energy into supporting each other rather  than tearing each other apart.

Taylor Demands Respect

I am not going to allow you to sabotage my children.  Your children are not going to trample mine like you did me.

And when pleading and insults didn’t work, Taylor demanded respect from Brooke, respect from Hope for Liam and Steffy’s relationship and respect for Thomas from Rick.  To hammer her point home, Taylor turned to threats, promising Brooke that since Stephanie wasn’t around  to be there for Brooke anymore, “things are going to be very different around here.  I’m going to find a way to stop you.”

The question now is just how might Taylor achieve that?